Seed Paper

Seed Paper is a Sure Way to Get Your Brand Noticed

There are so many ways to promote your brand and get your info in front of your customers and to be honest this task can be daunting. If you want to give your marketing campaign a new twist and get your branded noticed, check out our eco paper which is embedded with seeds so when the paper is planted, the seeds will sprout and the paper will biodegrade and your customers and prospects will have a beautiful experience and flowers to remind them of your brand.

There Are Lots of Options When It Comes to Eco Seed Paper

You can purchase sheets of seed paper to print on yourself, we can print on the paper for you, we can die cut the paper into different shapes, you can select the color of the paper and the printing, and you can also select the seeds embedded in the paper to really make it your own. Our paper usually features wildflower seeds or you can customize the seeds if there is something else you have in mind.