Seed Paper

Seed Paper is a Sure Way to Get Your Brand Noticed

There are so many ways to promote your brand and get your info in front of your customers and to be honest this task can be daunting. If you want to give your marketing campaign a new twist and get your branded noticed, check out our eco paper which is embedded with seeds so when the paper is planted, the seeds will sprout and the paper will biodegrade and your customers and prospects will have a beautiful experience and flowers to remind them of your brand.

There Are Lots of Options When It Comes to Eco Seed Paper

You can purchase sheets of seed paper to print on yourself, we can print on the paper for you, we can die cut the paper into different shapes, you can select the color of the paper and the printing, and you can also select the seeds embedded in the paper to really make it your own. Our paper usually features wildflower seeds or you can customize the seeds if there is something else you have in mind.

High-Quality Paper Delivers Beautiful Blooms

The seeds used in our seed paper are carefully selected to ensure a high germination rate; or rather they are very likely to sprout. A lot of factors impact germination, namely water, temperature, oxygen and light. Seed paper still needs to be subjected to the right conditions to grow, but we make sure to select seeds that are hearty and most likely to sprout, so no green thumb is required.

Die Cut a Custom Shape

The paper itself is memorable, but you can have the paper die cut to a specific shape to further help tie the item in with your branding campaign. We can work with you to die cut the paper in the shape of your company’s logo or another familiar shape that will catch your customer’s attention - once people are engaged they will read the item and want to learn more, so the catchier the piece the more effective it will be at spreading your branding message.

Print Your Marketing Message on Seed Paper

Due to the seeds, the paper has a noticeable texture. So while it is possible to print on seed paper, you need to be aware that unlike printing on more traditional, smoother stock there may be irregularities from one sheet to another. We also offer 4-color process printing on our seed paper. If you’re unfamiliar with printing 4-color process printing involves four plates (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Artwork is separated into these four colors and the inks are applied to the paper one by one, sometimes the inks overlap creating additional colors. It is also worth noting that in some instances seeds may be damaged during the printing process, so while you can still expect a high germination rate, printing or die cutting may potentially reduce the amount of seeds that sprout.

Educate Your Customers about Your Brand and How to Grow the Paper

Seed paper is gaining in popularity but it is still relatively new and a lot of people are not familiar with it. In addition to promoting and educating your customers about your brand, you also want to inform them about the paper. Include instructions on how to plant the paper and let your customers know what types of plants to expect.

In order to get the seeds to sprout, the paper needs to be covered with a thin layer of soil and moistened. Given time and some sunlight the seeds will sprout. The paper can be planted outside in a garden or flower bed, but a container filled with potting soil and a sunny windowsill is also a suitable location to grow our seed paper.

How to Promote Your Brand with Seed Paper

Be careful about printing a marketing message or contact info directly on seed paper because when your customers plant to paper they will lose that data. Consider featuring a seed paper die cut shape inside a card or with a bookmark or some other type of marketing piece that will supply all the info you want to convey to your customers, and will be something they can hold on to after they plant the seed paper.

Create a Promotional Tool as One-of-a-Kind as Your Brand

As with all of our eco-friendly promotional products, you can customize away and create something that showcases your branding message in a unique and memorable way. You can select the color of the paper and the types of seeds embedded in the paper and choose from full sheets or die cut shapes.

If you have any questions about the paper or the process or if you’re ready to get started please fill out a product quote request or get in touch with our design team, who are ready and waiting to help you design a marketing piece that will engage your customers and prospects with your brand as well as illustrate your environmental efforts.