When we reach thousands of companies we reach millions of consumers, and that's how change begins.

Our team at Factory Direct Promos wants to do right by the environment and we also want to help you market your brand, business, retail outlet, event or trade show in an environmentally responsible manner to decrease your carbon footprint.

For almost 20 years our Founder and CEO, Jason Tunick, has been leading our Coral Springs, Florida based team of designers and staff to help organizations like yours, both big and small, develop effective promotional marketing pieces that act as walking billboards to provide effective marketing return on investment for years to come.

A flexible direct-from-manufacturer business model benefits clients by offering stateside manufacturing for fast turnarounds and overseas manufacturing when below wholesale pricing is the top priority. Either way, you will get colorful, eye-catching, and creative marketing customization that showcases your logo, design and branding. Let your customers promote your brand while showing that you care about the well being of the environment with Factory Direct Promo’s eco-friendly solutions for your promotional product needs.

Effective Marketing ROI

You have worked hard to build your brand, business, retail outlet, organization or association right? Your hard work should be highlighted and shared with clients and prospects in completely customized reusable bags, event bags, reusable eco-bottles, eco-pens or other eco-friendly promotional items that help spread your marketing message and will serve to increase your brand recognition bringing you great marketing ROI. Eco Friendly Promotional Products are in high demand, and Factory Direct Promos offers a wide range of options at the best prices in the industry.

Our Factory Direct Model Means You Receive the Lowest Pricing in the Promotional Product Industry

Factory Direct Promos works directly with our factory in Ningbo, China so we are able to offer the lowest pricing in the promotional product industry to you as well as offer you the ability to tailor your custom bags to your exact needs, wants and specifications.

We have many choices to offer you in our domestic promotional products and reusable bags if you need a quick turn around time, but if you have the flexibility to work with our design team to create a truly custom bag overseas, we only need 60-90 days to utilize our factory direct model. Again, if you’re pressed for time you can choose a reusable bag design from our in stock selection at our facilities in the U.S., and we can get your bag in 1 – 2 weeks at the lowest pricing possible.

Market Your Brand Effectively and Sustainably to Your Target Customers and Beyond for Years to Come

Stay true to green Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR initiatives and show your faithful customers and prospects that you are serious about the environment with custom reusable bags and eco-friendly promotional items. Our reusable bags are made from recycled or sustainable materials and they help reduce waste, landfill buildup, pollution and your carbon footprint all while getting your branding message out to your target market and beyond for many years to come.

Reusable bags have trended upwards in recent years due to worldwide pressure to eliminate disposable plastic bags. Even the United Nations environment chief has called for a global ban on plastic bags because the environmental damage from discarded, disposable plastic bags cause is staggering and the amount of oil required to create them only serves to strengthens oil dependence.

Today’s consumers are savvy and know that the thinly spun disposable plastic bag will be good for little else besides getting their purchases into their home, at which point they will have split along a seam or be full of holes. Shoppers know how much environmental damage that plastics have done to our fragile planet and they don’t want to contribute to any more of it and they expect you to take charge and offer them a better option.

Factory Direct Promos Is Here to Help When You Are Ready to Market Your Brand Sustainably and Effectively with Reusable Bags and Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

We’ve helped retailers, wholesalers, non-profits, schools, and small and large corporations that are looking to market their brand in an environmentally friendly way. Please stick around and check out our site and download our catalog above. Custom reusable bags, event bags, lanyards, seed paper, reusable water bottles, wine totes, seed bookmarks and seed business cards and many more offerings are awaiting your customization.

With the exceptionally reasonable cost of creating Eco Friendly Promotional Products for your business, a direct-from-manufacturer flexible business model and a wide variety of offerings there is no downside to your business promoting itself and offering your customers a little extra with the help of Factory Direct Promos. Contact us when you are ready and get started creating your custom, eco-friendly promotional products and begin effectively marketing in a sustainable fashion.