2 Ways to Order


  • Factory Direct Pricing
  • Fully Customizable
  • 60-90 Days Turnaround
  • 1,000pcs Minimum Order

In Stock

  • Low Minimum Order (250pcs)
  • 5-7 Days Production
  • FREE 1 Custom Color Imprint
  • Lowest In-Stock Pricing

What You Need to Know About Working with Us

At Factory Direct Promos we create custom designed reusable bags in a variety of styles, and featuring different materials. We print your marketing message directly on the bags. By customizing reusable bags with your branding info you can create and reinforce a relationship with your customers because every time they see your custom bag they will be reminded of your brand.

Our Promise

Two Ways to Order

When it comes to designing your bags and placing your order you have a couple options. We offer overseas ordering and in stock ordering. There are a couple factors that determine which of these choices is the best fit for your brand.

Bulk Ordering

If you want to modify the design of one of our stock bags you will go work directly with our high-volume facility. By modifying the design this means you can fully customize the look and style of your bag by changing the color of the gusset, trim, or handles. You can also adjust the length of the handles, adding pockets or a zipper or anything you can dream up to make the bag look and function the way you envision.

There is a 60-90 day turnaround on high-volume custom orders, which is necessary based on the level of customization we offer. When ordering our custom products we require a 1,000 piece minimum order. This quantity requirement helps to minimize the price per bag and ultimately helps your bottom line. We’re able to secure factory pricing and we pass this cost savings along to you, giving you the ability to completely customize your reusable bag design and enjoy amazing low prices. Overseas ordering is the way to go if you want to customize the design of your bag.

In Stock Ordering

If you look through our offerings and find one of our existing reusable bag styles that is a perfect fit you can order that specific bag and we can print your branding info on the bags. When you order through our in stock selection the only customization possible is to have your marketing information printed on the bag; you cannot make any alterations to the bag design. We offer a free 1-color imprint on our in stock bags, so you can choose the bag and the color, in addition to the ink color and we will print your supplied custom artwork on the bag. It typically takes 5-7 days to turn around an order when you choose an in stock bag.

For in stock ordering we require a low minimum order of 250 pieces. This is our most cost effective option, so it is definitely the right choice if you have budget restrictions or if you need your branded reusable bags sooner.