Tradeshow Bags

Our reusable tradeshow bags are designed and made to provide our customers with a great product to hand out, with many options around $1.00.

Any business that exhibits at trade shows or events can benefit from our eco friendly trade show bags. As the leading direct manufacturer and importer of these promotional bags we design our bags to offer many benefits to the attendees and the exhibitors at a low price. Our tradeshow bags are:

Walking Billboards - The more custom the bag the more brand recognition, Extremely Useful - Comfortably carry all the literature and promo items from the event, Eco Friendly - Better than paper or plastic bags our reusable bags will not be thrown away after the show, Economical - Many times below a $1.00 each, compared with alternatives, our trade show bags offer the best bang for the buck, Improve booth traffic - When they see others with the bag, they want one too, Advertise longer - Many attendees use our quality bags again and again.

With our custom convention bags, the capabilities are endless; choose the size, style and design, gusset and trim color, handle length, type of material, imprint colors and more.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Factory Direct Promos knows that trade shows remain one of the best places for businesses to promote themselves. Yet there are so many better ways to go about this than with the old-style ‘papering campaign.’ Consider using Promotional Trade Show Bags.

Trade show attendees often complain about arriving home from the event exhausted and with a stack of flyers, handouts and business cards. They realize, when their fatigue has eased, that all the papers collected at the show don’t seem very relevant; it is tough to recall who is who and why they carted home all those many and various flyers…

Your business can make a difference several ways by choosing to hand out eco-friendly Promotional Bags at your next trade show, conference or convention. These will do wonders in promoting your business and your brand while also conveying the message that you don’t support waste and that you do support sustainability. They will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Factory Direct Promos wide range of Promotional Trade Show Bags, messenger bags, and convention totes offer many benefits.

  1. Unique Branding

    Display your branding message in a clear, eye-catching way. Our bags are available in a wide variety of styles: the sturdy double handled carrier; the colorful and durable portfolio style with single handle; modern messenger-style totes; drawstring ‘knapsack’ style bags and more. Once you choose the desired style, Factory Direct Promos will customize your message complete with bold colors, creative designs and solid branding.

  2. A Usable and Reusable Gift

    Offer potential clients a useful item that they can take away with them. Every time they use and reuse the Promotional tradeshow bags they will be reminded of your company, and feel good about it!

  3. Eco-Friendly

    Promotional Bags establish your business as one that is environmentally-conscious. You know better than to hand out a stack of advertising pages or plastic bags to engage your potential clients. You know the trouble that plastic bags and excessive paper waste cause in both the short-term(production) as well as the long-term (damage caused by disposal.) You establish your company as one who is committed to being a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

  4. Get it Done Quickly, Get it Done Right

    The flexible business model of Factory Direct Promos sees that your order goes direct to the factory which saves you time and money.

  5. Stand Out

    With strong branding and a take-home gift, the trade show attendee will remember who you are and what you stand for. They will not need any perplexing mind-searches to remember what a plain old business card meant to them. Promotional Trade Show Bags will see that you rise from the crowd of businesses trying to draw the attention of the crowds.

With all these benefits and so many options, Factory Direct Promos is as bright, bold and clear a choice as are their promotional bags.