Stainless Steel Bottles

Give Your Customers a Reusable Bottle They’ll Use Again and Again to Market for You

Stainless-steel water bottles offer rugged durability and create a sleek-looking reusable water bottle that is great for use on the trail, on the court, at home or at work. When you market your brand with a reusable stainless-steel water bottle, you are getting out your marketing message in an eco-manner while giving your customers a convenient item they are going to use  all the time

Utilize Trends to Market Your Brand

People are making sure they stay hydrated whether at the gym or at work or just out running errands and it seems like every place you go you are likely to see someone sipping from a water bottle – for this reason custom reusable water bottles are a good marketing idea. If you customize water bottles with your logo and a branding statement and get them into your customer’s hands, they will take your branded bottles with them and help increase your brand awareness and recognition. It just makes sense.

Why Stainless-Steel is Eco-Friendly

Single use water bottles pile up in landfills and litter streets and oceans, making them an environmental nuisance. Recycling is one possible solution to dealing with disposable bottles and a lot of work has been done to encourage recycling, like including the recycling logo on packaging and even offering a deposit on the bottles to increase the odds of it being disposed of responsibly and properly. However, these measures just are not cutting it.

The best solution to reduce single use plastic litter is to go reusable. Since stainless-steel is a durable material that replaces any need for single use plastic water bottles it is an environmentally friendly material.

Create a Marketing Tool That Fits Your Vision

We have a wide selection of stainless-steel bottles that come in different shapes and sizes or if you have an idea and don’t see something in-line with what you want let us know and we can work with you and our factory to make it happen. You can completely customize your branded stainless-steel water bottle to look exactly the way you want it to, so you customers will use it again and again and spread your branding message in the process.

Cap Off Your Eco Water Bottle with a Custom Lid

Once you have the size and the shape designed let’s think about the cap for your eco water bottle. Screw-on caps are water tight and prevent leaks, but you can select accent colors for the cap to tie in with the color and printing used on the bottle. Most of our cap designs feature a ring design - this allows for easy grip when opening and closing the bottle, but it also makes it easy for your customers to attach the reusable bottle to a backpack, messenger bag or other style of bag.

Some of bottle lids even feature a carabiner clip so the bottle can easily be hung from a bag or belt loop or anyplace else within easy reach. The clip is really advantageous because when your customers clip a branded bottle to themselves or their bag the marketing message is still visible and on display.

Work Directly with Our Factory

When you design your own water bottle with us, we take care of all of the production. The advantage of working directly with our factory is that there is no middle man. We are able to secure an excellent price for high-quality work and we pass this savings along to you.

If you’re pressed for time please check out our in stock selection. You get the same great quality, and we can still print your branding message on our stainless-steel water bottles. We require a 250 unit minimum, but the turnaround is 1 – 2 weeks.

If you have something more custom in mind consider our overseas production. We require a 1,000 unit minimum and it will take 60 – 90 days for our factory to turnaround your order, but because you’re buying in bulk the per bottle price will be phenomenal and the end result will be unlike anything else out there.