Eco Folding Bottles

Reusable Eco Folding Bottles Increase Your Brand Awareness and Highlight Environmental Issues

Just by the nature of being reusable and eliminating the need for single use bottles our trendy, folding bottles are eco-friendly. Disposable products generate a lot of trash and that leaves your brand an opportunity to make a difference with your marketing efforts. Some of the single use bottle trash is recycled which is great and a responsible way to manage the waste stream, but unfortunately a lot of this trash is thrown in landfills and ends up as litter. You know it is true.

Litter is a blight that makes neighborhoods look rundown and messy, it also is a major health risk to animals and their habitats, and it costs money to clean up. Utilizing reusable folding water bottles to promote your brand shows your customers that your company is concerned about the environment and you are marketing your brand with the environment in mind.

Many people base their purchasing decisions around the eco-friendly characteristics of brands, so you want to make customers and potential customers aware of your stance on environmental issues and a reusable eco folding bottle is a great way to do this.

Lightweight Plastic Water Bottles are an Eco and Convenient Marketing Tool

Our eco folding bottles merge style and function and make a fantastic promotional tool to spread the word about your brand. These bottles can bend and fold, making them great to take hiking or in a lunch bag or really anyplace.

The bottles can be collapsed, folded, or rolled up when not in use for easy storage but your customers will have the convenience of a water bottle when they need it. The plastic used to construct our eco water bottles is BPA-free, so there is no risk of bisphenol A, a harmful compound sometimes used in the manufacturing process of some types of plastics being transferred to your customer’s beverage.

We’re sure safety is as high of a priority for you and your customers as it is for us, so we are proud to say that all of our reusable beverage containers are BPA-free.

Customize Your Eco Folding Bottles for Usability

A super handy feature of our reusable folding bottles is a built-in carabiner clip. The clip allows your customers to easily connect the custom branded bottle to a backpack or messenger bag. This hands-free ability to carry the bottle is convenient for your customers, but it’s really convenient for your brand since it puts your branding message on display. Increased visibility translates into increased brand awareness and recognition.

Give Your Demographic Something They Will Want to Use Again and Again

We feature reusable folding bottles in 12- and 25-ounce capacities but you can also customize the size and the shape. The advantage of customizing your eco bottle is that you can create something that functions well for your customers and something that is really eye-catching.

When your custom branded reusable water bottle has a unique shape or size, it will grab people’s attention and once you get people looking at it, they will read your branding message and internalize your statement and your brand.

You can also select from a twist on or push/pull cap for your branded eco bottle, and this really comes down to preference and what you think your demographic would like. The more your reusable eco folding bottle appeals to your demographic, the more they will use it and increased use means more exposure and more brand awareness.

We’re Here to Help - So Get in Touch!

Maybe you like the look and style of our reusable eco folding bottles and you want to get down to discussing colors and printing. Maybe you want a quote or maybe you’re not sure where to start and you are looking for some design guidance. Wherever you are in this process, we are here to help. Our design team is extremely knowledgeable and they can help you color match your reusable bottle to your current branding colors and slightly tweak or completely overall the design to fit your vision.

If you want to discuss cost and timing we can do that too. If you select a design from our in stock selection we can get your custom branded bottles in your hands in 1 - 2 weeks. We require a 250 minimum order when you choose from our in stock offerings and you will have a slightly limited selection to choose from in terms of styles and colors.

If you really want to go custom, check out our overseas options - the turnaround is longer (60 - 90 days), but the tradeoff is almost limitless design possibilities. We also require a 1,000 unit minimum for our overseas production, but a lot of the time because you’re working with our factory we can secure a lower price per bottle, so you can get something completely customized at a great price.

Please check out our selection and get in touch so we can start working together on your customized eco water bottle today!