Eco Folding Bottles

Reusable Eco Folding Bottles Increase Your Brand Awareness and Highlight Environmental Issues

Just by the nature of being reusable and eliminating the need for single use bottles our trendy, folding bottles are eco-friendly. Disposable products generate a lot of trash and that leaves your brand an opportunity to make a difference with your marketing efforts. Some of the single use bottle trash is recycled which is great and a responsible way to manage the waste stream, but unfortunately a lot of this trash is thrown in landfills and ends up as litter. You know it is true.

Litter is a blight that makes neighborhoods look rundown and messy, it also is a major health risk to animals and their habitats, and it costs money to clean up. Utilizing reusable folding water bottles to promote your brand shows your customers that your company is concerned about the environment and you are marketing your brand with the environment in mind.

Many people base their purchasing decisions around the eco-friendly characteristics of brands, so you want to make customers and potential customers aware of your stance on environmental issues and a reusable eco folding bottle is a great way to do this.