Eco Friendly Plastic Bottles

Reusable bottles and drink containers are rapidly growing in popularity and these vessels create an opportune display area to market your brand. As your customers sip their drink from a custom branded reusable bottle while they work out at the gym or take care of business at work they will put your branding message on display and make the people around them aware of your company.

A Great Value for Your Marketing Dollar

Reusable products turn your customers into a mobile advertising force that broadens your marketing reach while they silently endorses your brand and the products or services you provide to their family, friends and coworkers. When your customers continually use your custom branded product they will be more familiar with your product, but as your customers display your logo or a slogan or another branding message they will expose the people around them to your brand and raise the awareness of your brand. Reusable bottles can last for years and when you weigh the promotional value against your cost it is a truly a remarkable value.

Make a Statement with the Material of Your Custom Eco Friendly Bottle

The material you select for your eco-friendly bottle may lend itself to the function of your custom promotional product and it will also speak to your company’s green goals. Recycled plastic provides durability and is great for a reusable water bottle that will be brought to the gym. When you opt to promote your brand with recycled material you are utilizing materials that would most likely be buried in a landfill otherwise. Recycling rates are constantly climbing and this is great news, but unfortunately a lot of plastic still ends up in landfills. The danger here is that plastic does not break down, so it pretty much just takes up space indefinitely. There is also a strong likelihood that plastic will end up as litter where it will also pose a risk to animals and their habitats. Our stainless-steel and aluminum bottles feature a more rugged design, making them ideal for camping, hiking and outdoor activities. Metal is recyclable, too, so these bottles are an eco-friendly choice that leads to a responsible management of the waste stream. Acrylic is durable, shatter-resistant and great for tumblers and other drinking containers that will be used again and again.

All of Our Reusable Water Bottles are BPA-Free

BPA stands for bisphenol A - this is an industrial chemical that has been used to make some types of plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA plastics were very commonly used to create disposable water bottles for many, many years. Research has shown that when food and beverages are stored in plastic containers made with BPA this chemical can seep into the food. Additional research has shown that when people consume BPA laced food there is a risk of health effects - most studies suggest the effects are on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. Some health organizations claim that exposure to BPA in small amounts is nothing to be concerned about; however, the best line of defense is to steer clear of products made with BPA. We are proud to say all of our reusable water bottles are BPA-free, so your customers and their families can use these products with no concern or worry about possible health issues stemming from exposure to BPA.

We Can Help You Create an Eco-Friendly Bottle That Fits Your Brand

Our talented design team is brimming with ideas to help you customize your eco water bottle, so get in touch and let us help turn your vision into a reality. We offer a wide selection of styles, shapes and sizes, you can also select the material, the colors and top everything off with an eye-catching printed slogan, logo or message. We offer two pricing options: choose from our in stock selection if you need a quicker turnaround. We can fill in stock orders in 1 - 2 weeks and we have a 250 minimum order point. The tradeoff is that you will not have as many customization options, but you can still take advantage of our full-color printing options. If you take us up on our overseas production the customization options are almost limitless and oftentimes you can secure a lower price. We require a 1,000 unit minimum order and production takes 60 - 90 days. No matter which option you choose you are still able to secure a customized product that blends in with the rest of your branding for a high-profile way to grow your brand at a great value.