Eco Drinkware

Reusable Water Bottles Display Your Marketing Message

It seems like everyplace you go you see people carrying around disposable or reusable water bottles. If you can get a reusable water bottle branded with your company’s marketing message into your customer’s hands they will carry it and essentially display a billboard with your branding statement. This kind of exposure can do wonders for your company and through repeated viewing your brand recognition will grow along with your customer base.

Reusable Products Live Up to Your Green Standards

When you market your brand with a reusable product you are making a statement about sustainability. Reusable water bottles eliminate the need for disposable water bottles which can take up space in landfills and do not safely break down. If your customers fill their reusable bottle with tap water they can also save money since the cost of bottled water really adds up. Explain these perks to your customers – let them know that you are making an effort to reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills to help the planet and that your custom branded water bottle can also help their bottom line. Customers who aspire to be green will be on board with what you are trying to do, and members of your demographic who are not as concerned about living an eco-friendly lifestyle will still appreciate the usefulness and convenience of your customized promotional water bottle, so either way your brand will get exposure

Make a Statement with the Material of Your Reusable Water Bottle

There are plenty of options when choosing the material for your reusable water bottle. Stainless-steel offers durability which translates into a long life and lots of use – the more your custom branded bottles are used the more exposure your brand will get. Stainless-steel also creates a sleek look and is easy to clean. Recycled plastic gives your marketing tool an eco-edge given that the bottles are constructed from repurposed materials. Our collapsible water bottles are eye-catching and handy because when they’re empty they can be packed away in a backpack or lunchbox and take up minimal space, making them great for travel or school lunches. When utilizing plastic take care to select materials that are BPA free to ensure they are safe to drink from – all of the plastics we provide here at Factory Direct Promos is BPA free, so you can rest easy knowing that our reusable water bottles are save to use.

Customize the Look of Your Reusable Water Bottle to Fit Your Marketing Campaign

Select the material and size of your reusable water bottle along with the colors of the bottle and cap. Further customize the look with a printed message or graphics. You can choose the color of the inks to tie in with your overall branding movement, so it will blend in with your brand and create a cohesive look. Think about outfitting your bottle with a carabiner clip, so your clients can attach their bottle to a bag or bike and take it along where ever they go. Reusable water bottles are bound to get lots of use, but when you make it even easier for your customers to use the bottle, especially when they are on the go, that will help to further spread your branding message.

Let Us Help You Design Your Branded Reusable Water Bottles

Check out our site to see what we have available and if you have questions please get in touch. There are so many options and ways to tweak the design and make it your own and our talented design team is full of great ideas, and they can help turn your vision into a stellar marketing tool that will spread your branding message for years to come.