Reusable Wine Totes

One of the fastest-growing segments of the specialty bag marketplace, wine totes are a convenient and inexpensive way to transport wine. Factory Direct Promos manufactures a line of high-quality, customizable wine totes made from environmentally-friendly materials – recycled or recyclable, and always reusable.

The environmental threat from wasteful use of plastic is hard to overstate. Consumers in the developed nations use plastic bags and plastic bottles for practically everything – convenient, but it leads to environmental catastrophes like the giant swirling vortex of plastic waste out in the Pacific Ocean. At Factory Direct Promos, we promote the responsible and eco-friendly use of plastics with products like our wine totes – made from recycled content, and reusable thousands of times.

Discover why Factory Direct Promos is the world leader in recycled and recyclable bags, including wine totes, and see how our bags can be the perfect business builder for your company!

Start the Wining with Reusable Wine Totes and Wholesale Wine Bags

Reusable Wine Totes are strong, sturdy and protective ways to transport bottles. This is very good news as recent studies report that the consumption of moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages, especially that of red wine, is beneficial to health!

Reusable Wine Totes are not only good for your health and heart but also for the health and well-being of the environment. The days of paper-wrapped bottles stuffed into plastic liquor store bags are over: it simply creates too much unnecessary and damaging waste. Smart businesses recognize this and have chosen to offer their customers reusable wine bags which can be cleverly, strategically and beautifully customized in order to convey any message you choose.

The first message conveyed will not be that you endorse the consumption of alcohol or that you have a drinking problem! Factory Direct Promos reusable wine totes have proven effective in coddling posters, umbrellas, butane cartridges, fire extinguishers and many more items. The pre-formed bottle dividers and cardboard bottom inserts act to lovingly cushion anything you need to transport. These bags are a great item to take along to the grocery store for safe cartage of soda bottles, milk cartons, salad dressings, pasta sauces, oils and vinegar: any items that are fragile, heavy or dangerous to your soft fruits and vegetables or that fluffy loaf of bread.

The handing out of personalized wine bags makes the statement that your business is keeping up with the environmentally-aware sustainability movement that is sweeping our globe and our global economy.

The eco friendly wine bags from Factory Direct Promos are made from polypropylene, are light in weight but heavy in strength. They fold flat, have sturdy handles and offer a variety of features including pockets. With separate protected compartments fitting two, four or six bottles, the availability of custom sizes these sleek and attractive bags are winners.

These non-woven Reusable Wine Totes are quality wine bags that will be customized to your wishes. You choose the style, colors, patterns and add-ons. We then make the bags that carry your branding concept, logos and any customized messages you desire. The finished product is not only reusable, but in many cases, it is attractive enough to be given as a gift. The direct-from-factory business model means that there is no middle man and this keeps the prices very reasonable.

What does it all add up to? Certainly something worth toasting!