Folding Totes

Want an easy way to stay in your customer’s minds and reach new prospects? Help your customers remember their reusable bags and they will remember you while at the same time exposing your message to new prospects!  Everyone wants to go green right, and use a reusable bag is a great way to do it. But sometimes folks forget to bring their bags into the drugstore or convenience store and this is the perfect chance for you to help out and stay in their thoughts.


When you offer your customers or clients a handy folding tote emblazoned with your messaging, forgetting their bag becomes a thing of the past while your branding becomes a walking billboard for prospects.


All of our reusable totes fold into a small pouch when not in use which makes it easy to toss into a purse, glove box, golf or gym bag or even your pocket. When folded or unfolded, your branding is on display. Many styles are made with recycled materials and are also fully recyclable.  Perfect for CSR initiatives, a tradeshow takeaway, as a for profit offering, or even as a thank you or holiday gift. How will you use your fully customized, folding tote to market your brand, business or retail outlet?

Get the Reusable Folding Tote

We know that you are doing your best to be eco-friendly, sustainably-minded and politically correct. We applaud you. But, at times it's tough to do so.

Have you ever been heading out for a full and busy day that you knew would include shopping, but felt you simply didn't have the room to lug a reusable bag around all day? What item would you need to sacrifice from your already bulging carry all in order to fit it? Besides space, there is also the issue of style. After all, how would it look to schlep a bulging eco-friendly bag into your business meeting? What would the ladies-who-lunch think? And, be honest with me, does this bag match my cocktail dress?

There is a solution. Now you can easily carry a reusable folding tote with you wherever you go. The world of eco-friendly bags has expanded to offer something for everyone, including those who are strict about style or are tight on space. The reusable folding tote can shrink itself down smaller than The Incredible Shrinking Man.

How about a Zipable Tote that folds up into its own wee zippered pouch? Perhaps a Snapable Tote with a stylish single carrying handle that collapses into a MiniMe version of itself?; For the more rugged type, perhaps a Velcroalbe Tote which folds up like a camper roll? Whatever your style profile, there are is a colorful and widely varied selection.

Space, weight or the Fashion Police are no longer excuses for anyone to leave their handy reusable bag hanging on the back of the kitchen door. The makers of green bags have expanded their line of products and are seeing to it that there are no longer any reasons to have to extend a shaky hand in embarrassment to accept a plastic bag at the check-out counter.

There is no longer anything preventing you from keeping the forests, rivers, wildlife and landfills safe from one more nasty filmy plastic bag. It's easy to transform from business person or text-book laden student or glamour puss into an eco-friendly superhero in one shake of a tiny reusable folding tote. Go on, be the super hero you know you were meant to be!