Biodegradable Bags

The material you choose to use to construct your custom reusable bag is the foundation of the bag and not only adds texture and sets the tone, but it also helps make the bag standout and garner attention. When you opt to create a reusable bag from a biodegradable material such as jute, bamboo or cotton, in addition to any messages you have printed on the bag you are also making a statement about sustainability. Taking a stance on sustainability can help you stick to your green initiatives while showcasing your branding message in a high-profile manner.

All of our biodegradable bags can be produced in the size, quantity and color that fit your marketing or retail needs – and all for a great price. We offer free color printing (one color, one side – additional printing options are available) that let you put your company’s message on every bag you create and order. And when we say you can customize your bag, that’s exactly what we mean – select everything from the handle style to the type of closure to the pockets to make the bag fit your vision. We work directly with our factory, so your custom bag is made to order just for you. Another advantage of working with our top-of-the-line overseas factory is that we pass our production savings on to you – so you can secure a high-quality bag for a great price. This incredible value makes it easy to build your business and help the environment!

Biodegradable Bags

How Biodegradable Reusable Bags Help Your Business

When you hand out a promotional item, you are utilizing your customer base to serve as mobile billboards and spread your branding message to everyone they encounter while using your promotional bag. This isn’t a one-sided arrangement since your customer gets the benefit of a well-made and convenient reusable bag. This is a great deal for your business because your branding message will reach people you may not have reached through other means of marketing, and by using your branded reusable bag your customers are also offering an endorsement of your product or service.

Choosing a sustainable and eco-friendly material to construct your reusable promotional bags shows your customers your stance of environmental issues while having a positive impact on the planet. People who share similar environmental views may be more interested in your company because of your obvious commitment to the environment. Even potential clients who are not concerned about the environment will appreciate the well-made durable construction of our bags that is evident due to the years or dependable use they deliver.

How Biodegradable Bags Help the Planet

Materials that are biodegradable naturally and safely break down, so this means the material will break apart at a molecular level into smaller and smaller building blocks and safely re-enter the soil. By comparison non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic, do not biodegrade. Plastic breaks into smaller pieces of plastic and is still just as much of a nuisance when tiny as it is when large. Biodegradable materials will safely break down when tossed into a landfill or compost heap. By their nature biodegradable materials are also sustainable. Textiles made from plant fibers are sustainable because a new crop can be planted and the raw materials can continue to be grown and transformed into new items. You have several options here at Factory Direct Promos when it comes to selecting a sustainable material for your reusable bag.

Jute Bags are Stylish and Eco-Friendly

Jute grows as a long fiber that can be spun into thread or rope and woven into textiles. This plant features a unique construction that creates an unmatched strength and durability. For the jute plant to grow it requires a lot of water – no fertilizer and pesticides are necessary. The finished material is usually left in a raw state and features a loose weave that showcases the natural fibers. Jute offers the durability necessary for reusable bags perfectly merged with the sustainable and biodegradable traits that make it a green material.

Biodegradable Bamboo Bags Meet Your Green Initiatives

There has been a tremendous amount of press around bamboo. It grows very quickly and in the process, converts a high quantity of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas emitted during the manufacturing process of disposable plastic bags, among other things) into clean, breathable oxygen. Bamboo grows without pesticides or fertilizers, making it incredibly green. When it comes to harvesting, bamboo continues to overachieve as bamboo can be harvested every 3 – 5 years. By comparison it typically takes 20 – 50 years for a hardwood tree to reach harvestable maturity. Bamboo fibers are relatively short so there is a manufacturing process to turn the plant fibers into textile. Consumers know bamboo for its strength, fast regeneration and hardy nature.

Custom Cotton Bags Deliver Function and Help the Planet

Cotton is one of the most grown crops in the world due largely to the fact that is can be woven into durable material that can easily be washed and used repeatedly. The plant requires a moderate amount of water and there are several insects that target the shrub. For these reasons cotton can be somewhat tricky to grow, but the end result is so durable and easy to clean (cotton cloth can typically handle a spin in a washer and dryer with no issues) that it is very popular. The promotional cotton bags that Factory Direct Promos has been successfully selling for years are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and we can even do organic cotton bags. They are light and durable with reinforced construction and strong seams. The durable fabrics, design and construction offer a reusable and eco-friendly product folks know and love.

Manufactured for Success

Reusable products are a fantastic way to market your company, but utilizing sustainable and biodegradable materials gives your product and branding message a green and eco-friendly edge, so not only are you limiting your company’s carbon footprint, but you are also leading by example and showing your customers how easy it is to live a green lifestyle. Once the reusable bags have lived out their usefulness, they can be composted or even thrown in a landfill. Once exposed to the combination of sunlight, oxygen and heat their materials will break down into the natural components that the material is comprised of and be converted into water, carbon dioxide, mineral salt and biomass. They leave no toxins or hurtful residue behind. Taken from nature, they eventually return to it.

Create Your Custom Biodegradable Bag Today

Marketing your brand with reusable bags limits the need of single-use plastic bags, but when you create a reusable bag from a biodegradable material you are doing even more to help the planet. If you are able to make environmentally sound marketing moves while also helping the planet, you can grow your brand in an eco-conscious way. View our digital catalog to learn the specifics about designing a bag with us and get in touch if you have any questions.

Once you’ve settled on a design we can turn around your custom biodegradable bags in 60 – 90 days, so that means in a mere few months you can have your unique, fully customized reusable bags in your hands. If time is of the essence you may want to consider printing your branding message on our selection of in house bags. You can still take advantage of our full-color printing, and the eco-friendly nature and durable construction of our bags. If you have any questions our trained design team is here to help, so please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll do what we can to help you create a biodegradable bag that can be used over and over again and spread your branding message in the process.