Custom Bags

When you decide to work with us here at Factory Direct Promos to market your brand with customized reusable products, you are able to create a completely custom bag that meets your exact specifications. Select everything about your bag to make it look and function however you wish. You can create a shopping bag or a cooler bag or whatever you dream up and we can turn into a marketing reality. You can also take advantage of full-color printing to add eye-catching images or a slogan to make your promotional bag attention-grabbing and informative.

The images and slogans emblazoned on your custom reusable bags clearly make a statement right, but the bag itself speaks volumes too. Opting to market your brand with a reusable product is a great way to increase your brand recognition given that the item can be used over and over again, and each time the bag is used your marketing message is put on display to get the most for your marketing dollar. Choosing recycled or sustainable materials gives your custom promotional bag an environmentally friendly benefit that shows your customers you are serious in your commitment to helping the environment.

Custom Bags for Your Clients

Customize Everything about Your Reusable Bag

There is value to marketing your company with a reusable product, but you want to do more than just print your branding message on a reusable bag. By designing your own bag you can create something that fits your client’s needs, so they will be sure to use your bag all the time spreading your message far and wide.

Shopping bags are certainly handy and bound to get lots of use, but consider creating something unique that fills a niche, like an insulated bag that keeps cold items cool and hot items warm, or maybe a bag with dividers that’s great for safely carrying wine or liquor bottles, or a messenger bag that fits a laptop, or any other style of bag you can think of – check out our online catalog for the design specifics and let us know if you have any questions, but you can really create something completely unique.

Select the material, size, shape, color, make the handles long or short or even adjustable, and add pockets or dividers, and add zippers or snaps to secure the bag or really you can do whatever you want to make the bag perform the way your clients will need it to. By filling a need and giving the bag function, you’ll create something that is convenient and that your customers will want to use – while doing the work for you and promoting your branding message.

Know Your Demographic

You know who your customers are in terms of age and gender, likes, dislikes right? Well when you design your custom reusable bag, keep your customers in mind and create something that they won’t just like, but something they’ll love. The more your customers love and use your custom designed reusable bag, the more exposure they give your brand and the more their friends and co-workers who are likely members of your target demographic too, will also see your branding message.

Familiarity Leads to Brand Recognition

Regular exposure to a branding message over time creates a sense of familiarity and people like to stick with what they know so every time your customers tote your custom bag, they are continuing to build a rapport with your brand. The owners of the reusable bag will not just become acquainted with your brand, but the folks who are introduced to your company when they see one of your customers carrying your custom designed reusable bag will also get to know who you are and what you’re about and this increased brand recognition will lead to a larger customer base.

A Custom Bag Conveys a Cohesive Branding Image

A well thought out design, stunning full-color printing, and years of dependable use speak to the quality of the construction and the durability of your bag, and this will not just inspire your clients to use your custom reusable bag, but it will also show that you care. You took the time to design and create a customized bag that is environmentally friendly and useful, showing you are concerned about the environment and your customers. Tying the bag into a your branding campaign makes your bag easily identifiable and helps to spread the word about your company while also making your business appear well structured, organized and polished.

Help the Environment As You Market Your Brand

Reusable shopping bags make a great promotional tool in areas with single-use plastic bag bans or disposable bag fees, but there’s no reason to limit marketing your brand with a custom reusable grocery bag in those areas only since reusable bags are just plain handy anyplace. Whether used to carry purchases home from the supermarket, farmer’s market, the mall or a department store, or to carry items back and forth to work, or even as a lunch bag reusable bags are just convenient. This convenience also equals fewer plastic bags put into use so the resources used to create single use plastic bags are spared. Millions of barrels of oil, a non-renewable resource, are wasted to create plastic bags that clog the oceans, and choke our landfills and wildlife. A small act like bringing your own reusable bags to shop can help to reverse the damage plastic bags cause and you can help by creating your own reusable bag.

Create Green Rapport with Your Customers

Protecting and preserving the environment are concerns many people share. Being an environmentalist is about so much more than just recycling – it means making small changes that really add up and lead to big changes. Many folks who care for the environment and want to lead a green lifestyle will throw their support behind like-minded businesses, so when you decide to promote your brand with a reusable product made from recycled or sustainable materials you are showing your customers that you are serious and share the same interests and goals.

This can help potential clients choose you when they are shopping for the product or service you provide and it can create loyalty between your customers and your brand. Even folks who are not passionate about the environment can appreciate your promotional efforts if for no other reason that the sheer convenience and quality of the items. Your decision to create a reusable green promotional product will not deter clients from your company, but it can help get people interested and excited about what you have to offer.

Let Us Help You Go Green with Your Marketing and a Custom Reusable Bag

When we say you can customize your reusable bag that is exactly what we mean. Our custom bags can be produced in the size, quantity, color, and style that fits your marketing needs – and at very reasonable prices because we work directly with our factory. There is no middle man so that reduces the time necessary to create your bags as well as reducing the cost. And we never sacrifice quality so you can get a well-made bag that will work for you time and time again for an amazingly low price. That incredible value is the reason Factory Direct Promos is the bag manufacturer of choice for many quality-conscious companies like Warner Brothers, Disney, Home Depot, Target, and Wal-Mart. We are glad you found us too and can’t wait to count you as a happy customer. Stick around on our site, request a quote and let us help you create a custom bag to market your business and help the planet.