Eco Friendly Notepads

Increase Your Brand Recognition by Giving Your Prospects Something They Need

The key to a great marketing tool is to create something your prospects need and will use again and again. They may notice the convenience of the item before they notice your branding message, but just getting your custom branded item in their hands is the first step. Our recycled and FSC-certified paper notepads are a great way to spread your branding message, while also giving your customers something they are bound to use again and again.

Choose a Notepad That Fits Your Brand

We offer spiral bound notepads that feature durable covers where you can print your company’s logo or a branding message. This style is handy because your customers can slide a pen through the spiral for added convenience. We also feature adhesive notepads with a sticky backing, so your customers can jot a reminder note and stick it to their computer at work or the refrigerator at home. Each sheet will have your branding info printed on it so every time your customers use the notepad they will see and internalize your branding message.

Green Marketing Tools Promote Your Brand and Sustainability

All of our notepads are made from recycled or FSC-certified paper, so you can market your brand in an environmentally responsible way. Recycled paper is made from previously used and remanufactured paper while FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified means this independent, non-profit organization that sets standards for responsible and sustainable management of forests approves.

Utilizing recycled or FSC-certified content makes a statement about your company’s stance on environmental issues. In addition to the branding info you opt to have printed on your customized notepad, your customers and prospects will also take away that your company is aware and concerned about the planet and you are doing your part to manage resources. Another perk of marketing your brand with a custom notepad is that your customers can recycle the item when they’re done with it, so you close the loop as it can be repurposed into something useful.

Create an Eco Notepad That Will Appeal to Your Customers

Check out what we have to offer, but feel free to create your very own custom notepad. You can add ruled sheets and a loop to hold a pen or include a matching pen for a stunning set that makes it easy to take a quick note and will spread your branding message. Select the color of the paper, the cover, the printing colors and accent colors too, you can even choose the size of the notepad.

A Notepad Serves as a Constant Reminder of Your Brand

When you decide to market your brand with a customized eco notepad, your customers and prospects will see your promotional message every time they write a note so they will become well acquainted with your brand and the products or services you provide. When in an office setting, it is very likely there will be times your customer will write a note to share info with a coworker and this will potentially reinforce your marketing message with an existing customer or introduce your brand to a new customer.

Whether used at work or at home a branded notepad will establish your promotional campaign and keep your brand relevant with your customers and prospects.

Working with Us is About Having Options

You have several choices when it comes to ordering a custom notepad with us. Choose from our in stock selection if you need your custom branded notebook right away as the turnaround is just 1 - 2 weeks. When you purchase from our in stock selection, there are limited customization options available, but you can still print your branding message on the items and we only require a 250 minimum order when working within our in stock offering.

If you want to really customize your eco notepad beyond just printing your logo and branding info on it, consider our overseas production capabilities. You can alter the size and shape and make your branded notepad fit completely in line with your large marketing plan.

Our overseas production generally takes 60 - 90 days, but the tradeoff is a completely unique promotional item and because you are working directly with our factory, we can secure a great price that we extend to you, allowing you to get a customized promotional tool for an amazing value. When working with our overseas production we require a minimum 1,000 unit order; however, because you’re buying in bulk the price per item is usually lower.

Either way, we will deliver a high quality promotional item that will help market your brand event, or business effectively. Take a look and fill out a quote request form and we will get in touch with you right away.