Eco Friendly Notepads

Increase Your Brand Recognition by Giving Your Prospects Something They Need

The key to a great marketing tool is to create something your prospects need and will use again and again. They may notice the convenience of the item before they notice your branding message, but just getting your custom branded item in their hands is the first step. Our recycled and FSC-certified paper notepads are a great way to spread your branding message, while also giving your customers something they are bound to use again and again.

Choose a Notepad That Fits Your Brand

We offer spiral bound notepads that feature durable covers where you can print your company’s logo or a branding message. This style is handy because your customers can slide a pen through the spiral for added convenience. We also feature adhesive notepads with a sticky backing, so your customers can jot a reminder note and stick it to their computer at work or the refrigerator at home. Each sheet will have your branding info printed on it so every time your customers use the notepad they will see and internalize your branding message.