Eco Lanyards

Lanyards Offer Your Customers Convenience and are a Prime Marketing Tool

Lanyards are great for staff ID badges if employees need their badges to access certain areas, open doors or exit the parking garage, they are perfect for tradeshows and other industry events if those attending need an ID badge, and they are also really handy for students who may need their IDs to get into a dining hall, borrow resources from a library or get into their residence hall. A lot of people also use lanyards for their keys since they can be worn for hands free convenience. There are so many uses for lanyards and we can help you customize the design of your very own to make your marketing message stand out and get your brand noticed.

Reach Your Audience Everyday

Lanyards are a high profile item. When people need to carry their ID or a name tag or whatever they’re using a lanyard for it is typically something they need daily. If you lend your branding message to a lanyard, your customers will get the word out about your company and the services or products you provide on a daily basis. From a marketing standpoint this can be huge and will drastically increase your brand awareness and recognition. Our eco lanyards feature a durable construction and they are designed to last for years of dependable use, so when you compare the cost to the value, you’ll see that custom branded lanyards are a great way to stretch your marketing budget.

There Are So Many Ways to Customize Your Branded Lanyard

Once you decide you want to go with a lanyard as a promotional tool it’s time to get to work on the design details. Select the size - our lanyards come in ⅜”, ⅝”, ¾” and 1” widths, and remember that if you are going to print an intricate branding message, you may want to go with a wider lanyard to ensure the statement is readable. Decide if you would like a breakaway design which features a clip at the back so your customers can easily put on or remove your branded lanyard.

We also feature a selection of hook options, so you can choose from an O-ring, J hook or bulldog clip - this is really a preference based on what you think will work best for your customers based on how they will be using yours custom eco lanyard. You also need to think about color in terms of the lanyard itself and the printing that goes on the material. We offer PMS color matching, so if you give us the colors you have in mind, we can match them and tie your branded eco lanyard in with your larger marketing campaign.

Choose a Printing Method to Showcase Your Branding Message

Silk-screening is a type of printing that uses a stencil, or a screen, and when ink is pressed through the screen or screens an image is left. Sublimation heat transfer printing is a more scientific process, but essentially ink is turned into a gas and embedded in the material creating a durable and vibrant print. Both of these printing processes offer long-lasting results, so your logo or branding message will be on display for years to come.

Bamboo Delivers on Durability and Green Qualities

Our lanyards are constructed from eco materials like bamboo and recycled plastic, so these promotional tools are aligned with your company’s green initiatives and you can show your customers that you mean business when it comes to environmental issues. Bamboo is an extremely versatile plant that quickly converts carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into breathable oxygen, it also grows without the need for fertilizers or pesticides and some types of bamboo can grow up to one foot a day! Bamboo can be used for so many applications from food to construction materials to fabric, depending on the species of the plant and the handling process.

There are so many green characteristics of bamboo, but one of the main advantages of promoting your brand with a marketing tool constructed from bamboo is the fact that it is biodegradable, so after years of faithful service when your custom branded lanyard wears out your customers can dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner. The lanyard can be thrown in a landfill and over time and with exposure to the elements the plant fibers will slowly break down into their organic components and this material will seep back into the earth in a safe and efficient manner.

Recycled Plastic is Another Green and Versatile Material that Makes Durable Lanyards

All too often plastic waste is carted off to a landfill and this is a massive problem with huge environmental implications. Plastic can be mistakenly eaten by animals and this will lead to death and given time and exposure to the elements plastic will photo degrade, which means the plastic will break apart into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. When this happens the plastic can again pose a risk to animals that may ingest these plastic pieces, but the plastic fragments can also seep into the soil and no one is really sure what the full extent of this will be.

Recycling plastic is the best solution since it re-purposes the material into something new and useful. Fabrics made from plastic are durable and surprisingly soft and comfortable to handle, making it great for a lanyard that people will wear. Also, when the time comes for disposal, because your custom printed lanyard was made from recycled plastic your customers can recycle it again and keep the cycle going. When you create a promotional tool from recycled plastic you are promoting eco decisions and improved waste management.