Eco Promo Items

Be Seen with Custom Branded Promotional Items

When you decide to promote your brand with Eco Friendly promotional items you are putting your branding message in your customer’s hands. Your customers will see your slogan and info and not only will they get to know who you are and what you are about, but they will also have a constant reminder of your brand. This increased brand recognition will reinforce your marketing message with your customers, as well as the people who come into contact with your clients while they are carrying and using your custom branded promotional product.

Showcase Your Green Initiatives While You Market Your Brand

Many people are making an effort to go green, and for good reasons - the merits are numerous. A green lifestyle is good for the planet and promotes a sustainable use of resources. Marketing your business with an eco-friendly item will reduce your company’s carbon footprint while also showing your customers that you are aware of environmental issues and you are promoting your brand in an environmentally responsible manner. People like to direct their business towards companies that have similar values, so marketing your brand with eco promotional gear will show your core customers that your principles are on par with theirs.

We offer so many different types of environmentally friendly promotional items for you to choose from, so think about your brand and your customers and select an item that will appeal to your demographic.

Spread Your Branding Message with Branded Pens and Notepads

Branded pens are a standard marketing tool, but there is nothing standard about our promotional pens. We utilize green materials, like corn, recycled plastic and even bamboo. Corn and bamboo are both sustainable; they are plants that can be grown, harvested and turned into durable materials that deliver long lasting use again and again as a promotional item. Sustainable materials can either be composted or tossed in a landfill when the time comes, and they will safely breakdown leaving no ill impact on the environment – this is a huge advantage in terms of going green. Recycled plastic is another durable material that makes a great promotional pen and because it repurposes plastic into a new and useful product it lives up to your company’s green goals. Consider offering your custom branded eco pen with a notepad made from recycled paper to give your customers a handy way to jot notes while also showcasing your branding message.

USB Drives Store Your Customer’s Digital Data and Promote Your Brand

Reusable USB drives are green on two fronts: they can feature a recycled plastic casing and they reduce the need for paper. People always have a need to transfer digital files both for work and personal use, so giving your customers a reusable USB drive is handy for them, and it also instills your branding message. If your customer uses your drive to give a report or photos to a coworker, friend or family member they will also spread your branding message and expand the reach of your brand. There are so many shapes, sizes, styles and colors to choose from, so you can really make a custom branded USB drive stand out.

There Are So Many Eco Promo Products to Choose From

We also offer lanyards, bulb kits, seed paper, hats and shirts so you can find a promotional item that speaks to your demographic while also ensuring your branding message is heard. We pride ourselves on the durability of our products because durability leads to repeated use and that translates into increased brand recognition and sales. When you market your brand with pens or hats or other eco items you are essentially turning your customers into a mobile advertising force that will help get your branding message across to a large audience.

Customize Your Promotional Gear for an Eye Catching Look

There are so many options when it comes to customizing your eco promotional products. You can choose the materials, colors, sizes and more to make the item blend in with the rest of your marketing campaign for a cohesive image while also making it function in a way your customers will appreciate. Check out our web site for ideas or let us know if you have questions. Our talented design team is standing by and ready to help you create your next promotional item, so get in touch and put us to work for you.