Today, You’re In Charge

Today You’re In Charge!

Today you, me and our friends are in charge. Today is election day when registered voters head to the polls and select our next round of leaders. Today more than ever is our time to make our voices heard and vote for the candidate we each feel is going to do the best job for our country and our families.

As always there are a lot of pressing issues, and each candidate has taken the time to make their stance know, so make sure to get out and vote. Vote for the people you believe in; the people who will lead our country forward and continue to stand up for the causes and issues that are important to you.

Election years are always crazy, and this year proved no different, but the best part of an American election is that we are a democracy. We choose our leaders, and today we choose our next president.

The outcome tomorrow morning may not be the one you wanted, but if we know one thing, we know our country will come together no matter what. Thank you for voting, for being in charge today, and for participating in our great democracy.

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