Every business person knows that promotion is one of the keys to marketing success: you have to get your message in front of your customers. There’s a terrific way to get that message out, and to help the environment at the same time – high-quality recyclable promotional bags from Factory Direct Promos!

Marketing experts have found that giving a customer or client something of real value – even if the value is only a nickel – creates a sense of connection and even obligation in that customer’s thoughts. You’ve given them something; in their mind they need to balance out the relationship by giving you something – their business. For years companies have taken advantage of this fact by giving away all sorts of things – pens, calendars, an endless list of items. These promotional items were effective, but they had two problems:

  1. The items were usually made of plastic or paper and were basically just more junk to clog the landfills
  2. Even if the item was kept by the customer, it usually sat on their desk or in a closet and didn’t provide ongoing promotional momentum.

Promotional bags from Factory Direct Promos solve both those problems. The bags are made from eco-friendly materials that are recyclable, durable, and inexpensive – many bags are less than $1 apiece! And since our top-quality bags are extremely useful, your customers won’t stick them in a drawer somewhere. Instead, they will carry them around and use them to carry things out in public. Every time they go to the grocery store or bring papers home from the office, they will be carrying your bag.

And of course, it’s not just a bag! With custom printing of your message or logo in bright, attractive, long-lasting inks, every bag is a portable billboard for your company’s products or services. Every single time your customer uses their promotional bag, they will be putting your marketing message in front of every person they pass that day!

Our promotional bags can be used to market your business in a number of innovative and effective ways.

  • Trade Show Giveaway – They’ll find a use for your bag right away, carrying around all the junk from other companies! The other promotional items will be hidden from public view – inside YOUR company’s message!
  • Retail Store Shopping Bag – Give them away to customers to carry out their purchases, and watch every customer leave your store with a walking advertisement for your store.
  • Employee Reward – Give out the bags to your own people as a reward for good performance or as a universal gift.
  • Employee Promotion Program – Give your employees each a LOT of the bags, and ask them to hand them out to family and friends!

Remember, each of our eco-friendly recyclable promotional bags is very reasonably priced – even with a small marketing budget, you can put hundreds or thousands of bags into the hands of your target market.

Inexpensive, recyclable, attractive, useful, durable, customizable – promotional bags from Factory Direct Promos are one of the easiest and most effective ways possible to market your business and increase your visibility. At the same time, you’ll build your company’s “green” image with these high-quality recyclable products, and help save the environment from wasteful disposable bags. Call today and find out how easy and inexpensive it is to get your promotional bags into your customers’ hands!