Eco USB Drives

Take Your Promotional Items Digital to Make a Lasting Marketing Impact

Between work and personal use people today have tons of digital files. Creating a custom branded eco USB drive is a fantastic way to give your customers the ease and convenience of storing, transferring and managing their digital data while also showcasing your branding message. You can easily create a lasting impact with eco-friendly USB drives.

Universal Compatibility for Ease of Use

All of our custom eco drives are equipped with a USB port for easy compatibility with most desktop and laptop computers, so your customers can simply plug your branded drive into a USB port, drag and drop the files they need and take their digital data to go. All of our drives feature a cap or flip design to protect the USB port during travel, and many also feature a built-in loop to connect to a lanyard or keychain for easy portability - we even have a bracelet USB drive that can be worn for a fashionable and convenient way to transport files.

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Eco Drives Are Great Green Marketing on Several Fronts

Many of our USB drives feature cases constructed from recycled plastic which makes them great green marketing tools. Utilizing green materials for your promotional tools helps the planet by keeping reusable materials out of landfills, and this move will show your customers that your company takes environmental issues seriously. Portable drives have an added green benefit in that they reduce the need for hard copies of documents – so less paper is used. In many instances paper copies are necessary, but like all resources, paper needs to be responsibly managed and a lot of times a digital version of a file works just as well or is even better.

When you market your brand with a reusable USB drive you are reducing the need for paper, and when that USB drive is made from recycled materials your company and your customers are doing your part to help the planet.

Creative Marketing Uses for Your Eco Branded USB Drive

When you print your logo and maybe a slogan or contact info on a USB drive that is enough to help get the word out about your brand, but consider loading the drive with info about your company. Instead of handing out tangible catalogs or pamphlets at a tradeshow, open house or industry event consider handing out a branded USB drive with digital versions of your marketing materials.

You will reduce paper while still distributing your info, and if you do this at a busy trade show or event where people are being handed catalogs and flyers at every booth, your customers will probably appreciate a compact and lightweight reusable USB drive instead of a bulky catalog. Also think about uploading a file with a coupon code or some other incentive to get your customers to browse your marketing info and reduce paper.

Reusable Drives Make It Easy to Share Your Marketing Message

A branded eco drive will help get your branding message across to your customers, but the handy thing about reusable drives when it comes to marketing your company is that they make it so easy to share files and your marketing message, too.

If your customer needs to share a report with a coworker or if they want to give pictures to a relative or friend it’s really easy and convenient to load up a USB drive with the files and hand the drive to the person with whom they want to share the data. These secondary recipients can reuse your branded eco drive to share files with their coworkers, family or friends and get the word about your brand out even further. This will spread your branding message to existing customers and further reinforce your message and allow your marketing message to reach potential customers who are not familiar with your brand.

A Custom Designed USB Drive Will Get Your Brand Noticed

Our reusable eco USB drives come in capacities of 1GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. When selecting the capacity think about your customers and what is likely to be the most convenient for them.

Ultimately capacity depends on the type of file being stored. For instance, a low grade audio file takes up a lot less space than a high-definition video, but for reference 1GB typically holds about 250 MP3 files or 120 pictures while 16GB can hold about 3,600 songs and 20,000 photos.

Larger capacities are better for storage, but smaller capacities work perfectly well if the USB drive is being used to transfer files from one computer to another. Once you decide on the capacity and style you can have your logo or a branding message color printed on the case to tie the drive into your marketing plan and to help spread the message about your company.

So many ideas and we are here to help. Take a look at our selection then feel free to fill out a product quote request form and we will get in touch with you right away!