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  • Chicago O'Hare Goes Green and Gets On Board with Reusable Bags!

    As part of a policy to create a healthier and more environmentally friendly workplace single useCDA plastic bags will be banned at Chicago’s O’Hare airport – which is one of the busiest airports in the U.S. in terms of the number of passengers who pass through each year.
  • How Do Single Use Plastic Bags Harm the Environment?

    There is certainly a convenience factor to disposable plastic bags, but these flimsy bags are also responsible for a lot of environmental harm, partly because the lightweight construction that makes them easy to carry also allows these bags to function like a sail and be carried off by the wind. When single use plastic bags are deposited in the trash or put in a recycling bin a strong gust of wind can carry them away. Ultimately, any ease disposable plastic bags offer is quickly overshadowed by the environmental harm they cause.
  • Why Should the United States Ban Single Use Plastic Bags?

    Cities and counties throughout the United States are banning disposable plastic bags or taking measures to reduce use of these single use bags. The objective is typically the same: reduce the negative impacts caused by single use plastic bags. Disposable plastic bags are the culprit behind a whole slew of environmental problems from destruction of animal’s habitats to the deterioration of the food chain and marring the natural beauty of the outdoors and resolution to these problems can require a hefty expense.
  • Are Custom Reusable Bags a Good Way to Market Your Brand?

    When marketing your brand you want to select an item that represents your company, fits in with your mission statement, and will give you the best ROI (Return on Investment) right? Well a functional promotional tool like a reusable bag will last for 3-5 years and fill a need for your customers while also getting your brand’s info out there. You know who your demographic is and what appeals to them, so creating a custom reusable bag just for them is a great way to reach your customers and prospects for many years providing great ROI.
  • England Leaves United States in the Dust with Bag Fee

    Last week we told you about how the EU is considering a bag ban and now comes word that England passed a law that will levy a fee (roughly 8 cents USD) on all disposable plastic bags given out at stores. This fee is slated to go into action in the fall of 2015 and all of the money raised by the fee will go towards charities working on environmental damage cleanup.
  • How Businesses and Consumers Can Both Go Green This Halloween

    This Halloween businesses can effectively market their brand while helping consumers celebrate the spookiest day of the year in green fashion. It's actually pretty easy to be green and spooky and go reusable now! Why not create a customized reusable bag that kids can use this October. Whether trick or treating in their neighborhood (here's how to go organic with your treats this year), at school or participating in a community event, kids are bound to have a need for a special reusable bag this Fall. And when a business creates a reusable bag customized with their branding info, they will help out the kids, our planet, our wildlife and help spread the word about their brand.
  • How Fracking Means Good Business for Plastic Bag Manufacturers

    Unfortunately, plastic production is a big business. With several states passing laws allowing hydrofracking, and other states considering allowing this practice, the door is wide open for more raw materials to create more environmentally harmful, disposable plastic bags. When natural gas is pulled from underground shale deposits, it can be processed into polyethylene which can then be used to create a variety of plastics - including single use plastic bags.
  • Guess How Much Money It Costs Your City to Clean Up Plastic?

    Litter needs to be cleaned up because it is just ugly to look at and it is a serious danger to animals both on land and in the water. Animals can eat the bags and die or they can become tangled in the bags and are left defenseless. Litter mars the natural beauty of our parks, beaches and homes and there is just no place for it. But just how much money does it cost anyway?
  • How Do Consumers Really Feel About Bag Bans?

    In a recent poll put on the TheCalifornian.com an impressive 74 percent of respondents indicated they whole heartedly support the notion of banning plastic bags and that they would readily bring their own reusable grocery bags when they shop. This is great news and shows that folks are serious about taking this step, eliminating disposable plastic bags from the waste stream and helping the planet.
  • Thank You for All You Do! Now Tell Us How We Can Help You

    This Labor Day we got to thinking about how much our customers and online friends have helped us in the work we do each and every single day, and we wanted to say thanks. If it wasn't for all of you out there being just as engaged and passionate as we all are here at FDP about creating a healthier future for us all, we wouldn't be able to make such a difference. It is because you help us spread our message that businesses, consumers and municipalities all over the United States and beyond are getting the message that it is time to #GoReusableNow and ditch single use plastic bags.

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