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  • Last Call for Earth Day 2017 Promotional Marketing!

    Earth Day is right around the corner, and if you are looking for an affordable and engaging promotional tool we are here to help. Get your order in today, April 7, on some amazing seed paper products and you can take advantage of 2016 pricing and have your finished items by April 22, Earth Day. Check out our Eco Special page for the full rundown.
  • 3 Ways to Market Your Brand with Seed Paper This Earth Day

    Seed paper can be used to create truly unique promotional products that will stick with your customers and leave an impression. Our seed paper features seeds embedded directly into the paper. This seeds are visible, creating a very textured surface, which in turn makes for an eye-catching and memorable marketing tool. Seed paper can be used for a variety of promotional items and as part of our current eco special if you place an order for any of our seed paper products by April 7 you will receive your order in time for Earth Day. Here are three ways to market your brand with seed paper this Earth Day.
  • Earth Day Promotional Marketing Idea…People Love Seed Paper! Don’t Delay Order Today

    Earth Day 2017 will be here before you know it (it’s April 22, by the way), but there is still time to get your order in for Earth Day promotional marketing! Eco-friendly promotional marketing shows your customers that are take your green goals seriously. Seed paper makes for great marketing tools that effectively engage with your customers and create a memorable and positive experience with your brand. Order by April 7 from our incredible, eco-friendly seed paper line. We have so many options to choose from!
  • 3 Post Trade Show Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales

    Every marketer wants to make the most of their efforts when it comes to trade show marketing. In fact, a Content Marketing Institute report points out that B2B marketers have ranked in-person events as a top 5 marketing tactic. Marketers across industries can use the opportunity at trade shows to engage with customers, spread brand awareness, and nurture potential relationships turning them into leads and sales. But then the challenge becomes, how do you build on these successes to further your marketing goals after the event is over? We’ve compiled a few ideas to help you get the most out of trade shows:
  • Shop Top 3 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products at Factory Direct Pricing

    Finding the best promotional products for your business can be tricky, but we’re here to make this process easy. You want something that is effective at establishing and maintaining your brand’s awareness. You want something that delivers a great ROI. You want something that is eco-friendly and will live up to your company’s green standards. We’ve lined up three of our top eco-friendly promotional products that tick all of these boxes. Keep reading to learn more.
  • Ideas to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month In an Eco-Friendly Way

    Eco-friendly marketing items are a great way to support your brand, but they can also be a great way to support a cause. From die-cut seed paper shapes to reusable bags, there are lots of different products you can customize that will promote your brand and a cause either through raising awareness or donations. You can print directly on your custom item indicating your plan to donate to a cause, or you can sell your custom branded gear and donate a portion to a cause; either way, both your brand and the cause of your choosing will get exposure and support. October is breast cancer awareness month, so if you act now you can create some customized products that will draw support around a great cause and get your brand noticed.
  • April Showers Bring May Flowers…Time to Market with Seed Paper

    Make your next marketing item stand apart and leave a positive and memorable impression. What to learn how? Check out our lineup of seed paper items. From postcards to die cut shapes to business cards and full sheets we offer a wide array of seed paper products that can be customized however you’d like to get the word out about your brand. Keep reading to learn more.
  • 3 Cool Ideas for Summer Marketing

    It’s about that time to start planning for your summer marketing initiatives and we are here to help. Customized, eco-friendly, branded products are proven to effectively get your marketing message out there and get your brand recognized. The more useful your customized product is, the more your customers will use it. In turn this means your brand will get more exposure. We’ve selected three eco-friendly customizable products that are great for your summer marketing initiatives.
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Tradeshow Giveaways Eco-Friendly

    If you are looking for a way to leave an impression and make sure your branding message stands out with the folks who visit your tradeshow booth, a takeaway is a great way to do it...but not all tradeshow takeaways are created equally. Eco-friendly takeaways will increase your brand’s awareness and recognition, while minimizing your brand’s environmental impact. In a recent post for The Trade Show News Network (TSNN), our very own CMO, Shane outlined 5 ways to make your tradeshow giveaways eco-friendly.
  • 5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Marketing With Seed Paper

    Paper marketing tools are a necessity and when creating a handout, postcard, business card or other item you want something that is unique and will leave a lasting impression. Seed paper is a great substrate that features seeds embedded in the paper, creating a very textured feel that will immediately grab your customer’s attention. The paper is completely biodegradable, and when covered with soil it will breakdown and the seeds will germinate, giving your customer’s wildflowers or other plants. If you’re interested in utilizing seed paper to market your brand, but not sure how we’ve rounded up some great ideas to help you get started.

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