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  • Does Passion Fuel Your Business?

    Passion can play a huge role in business. From the spark of an idea to developing a product or service, or the desire to keep improving and searching for better and more efficient ways to work, passion is often the cornerstone of successful businesses. What motivates you to keep moving your business forward? At Factory Direct Promos we are fueled by passion - passion to help the environment and do great work for our clients.
  • May Plastic Bag Ban Update Brings Opportunity for Retail and Marketing

    The plastic bag ban movement is going strong and we are happy to report for marketers and retailers, that the list of cities with bag bans keeps getting longer...and this means more opportunities to market with recycled shopping bags. Keep reading below to get the most recent rundown, and if you want to see a full listing check out our map that tracks the movement.
  • Want to Win a Million Bucks? Put on Your Recycling Thinking Caps! 

    Global fashion retailer H&M is known for on trend clothing on a budget, but they are looking to change how clothing is recycled and they are looking to the global community for help. A contest is being sponsored through H&M Conscious Foundation which is a non-profit foundation funded by the Stefan Persson family who are the founders and primary owners of the worldwide brand H&M. The H&M Conscious Foundation is sponsoring the Global Change Award which is looking to close the gap, conserve resources and change how worn out clothing is handled.

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