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  • Sustainable Properties of Bamboo

    It is understood that reusable bags are safer on the environment, but once you decide to make the switch to reusable bags your decisions do not end there. Reusable shopping bags are definitely better for the environment than disposable plastic bags, but not all reusable bags are the same. Bags constructed from bamboo offer an unparalleled level of sustainability and eco-friendliness.
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Located in the Pacific Ocean are a number of circular currents that run several thousand miles wide and are known as the North Pacific Gyre. Most vessels making the journey between the mainland United States and Hawaii typically try to avoid this high-pressure system in the central Pacific Ocean because the water lacks the nutrients necessary for fruitful fishing and it lacks the wind needed to propel vessels relying on the winds power to thrust them across the ocean. Trash and debris that find its way into the ocean from Pacific Rim countries travel via these currents and accumulate about 1,000 miles off the California coast all the way to the coast of Japan into what has come to be known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  • Choosing Reusable Bags Over Paper Bags

    Plastic bags have come under fire lately, as they should. Resources are drained to create these bags and only a small percentage ends up being recycled, leaving the rest to either sit in landfills or litter streets, parks, and wildlife habitats. To put an end to the environmental and financial havoc plastic bags wreck on the world many cities have taken to banning plastic bags to encourage the use of reusable shopping bags. Many such bans include a section concerning paper bags. A typical ban consists of a straight out prohibition of plastic bags, but allows paper bags to be
  • Madison's Plastic Bag Recycling Solution

    There is seldom a one-size-fits all solution to big problems, and the folks of Madison, Wisconsin are proving that point. As cities all across the United States are banning plastic disposable bag in hopes of reducing litter and preventing these non-biodegradable nuisances from taking up space in garbage dumps, Madison decided to step up efforts to recycle plastic bags. In 2009 Madison began a plastic bag recycling program. Drop-off locations were setup throughout the area and residents could simply deposit their plastic bags.
  • Returnable Container Laws and Reusable Water Bottles

    In an effort to combat litter and encourage recycling many states have enacted returnable container laws, more commonly referred to as bottle bills. Oregon was the first state to put such a trailblazing law into place in 1972 and since that time 10 other states have passed similar legislation
  • Facebook builds a “green” data center on the edge of the Arctic Circle

    Facebook, the biggest name in social networking, announced the plans to build an eco-friendly server farm in the small town of Lulea in Sweden. One may wonder why the California-based Facebook decides to go all the way to Europe for their newest data center.
  • Throw your paper on the ground, not into the trashcan

    The amount of daily paper consumption worldwide is shocking. Even if there are numerous of ways to cut down the “cutting down” of trees – sending e-mails rather than printed memos, recycling all the used paper in your home and office, or using both sides of each sheet - we cannot entirely eliminate the use of paper.
  • 10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Corporate Event's Carbon Footprint

    You don't have to be a Green company to put effort into lowering your event's carbon footprint; you just have to be a responsible one. With so many moving parts when putting together a corporate event, the event's CO² emissions may be last on the list.
  • 10 Amazing Facts About Bamboo

    From Eco-pens to bikes to IPad sleeves, bamboo has become the sought after renewable material to use on everyday items. The bamboo material's strength, natural beauty & regenerative properties are just some of the reasons for its popularity. Here are 10 more amazing facts and reasons why we love bamboo and use it on many of our eco-promotional items.
  • 6 Simple things you can do right now to help Green your company (#EcoMonday)

    Some businesses have a hard time jumping on board the environmental movement. Uncertainties of cost increase and apprehensions of changing procedures stop them in their tracks.

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