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  • What's The Problem with Disposable Plastic Bags Anyway?

    Disposable plastic bags are deserving of the bad reputation they’ve garnered. They use up valuable non-renewable resources during the manufacturing process while also releasing dangerous greenhouse gases, and they are not biodegradable, so they never really go away.
  • The Easy Thing We Can All Do to Protect Wildlife

    There are a lot of merits to using reusable shopping bags, from the streamlining of waste management to the use of more eco materials, but there are a lot of perks for members of the animal kingdom when humans decided to make the environmentally responsible decision to carry their purchases in reusable shopping bags.
  • 3 Ways to Go Green at the Beach This Summer

    Enjoy the Outdoors and Help the Planet With summer in full swing, a day at the beach can be a great way to spend an afternoon while enjoying the outdoors. The warm sun and the cool water can make for a relaxing time, and while you want to make the most of your time at the beach, you also want to make sure you do right by the environment.
  • What's in the News Wednesday - The Latest on Bag Bans in the United States

    Latest News on Bag Bans There are so many cities, counties and even countries that have implemented bans on single use plastic bags. To help track this movement we’ve put together an interactive map that highlights areas with bag bans, places where officials attempted to pass a ban with no luck and cities that have laws levying a fee on disposable shopping bags. If you haven’t had a chance - check it out! Here are some new locations that recently popped up on our map.
  • Love Shark Week? Why Disposable Bags and Sharks Don't Mix

    Plastic bags are bad for sharks


    The Ferocious Predator That Kills Sharks

    Sharks are awesome and we have enjoyed watching along with all of you during Shark Week on Discovery Channel. These majestic animals rule the oceans and it’s stunning to watch them in their element. Unfortunately, sharks are not safe in the waters they know as home and it’s not some ferocious predator that’s the culprit - its litter, primarily single use disposable plastic bags that have the potential to cause serious problems and even death for sharks.

    The Litter Epidemic That is More Than a Nuisance

    Some litter is simply the result of careless people tossing trash on the ground but the flimsy, lightweight construction of disposable plastic bags make them likely to be lifted from garbage cans, recycling bins or even landfills by a strong gust of wind and carried off.

    Once airborne, bag litter will continue to travel until it gets stuck in a shrub or tree or until it floats down and is deposited in a body of water. The water weighs the disposable bag down further and further until it sinks below the surface. The disposable bag was a nuisance and a hazard before, but now it is incredibly dangerous to sharks and all aquatic animals.

    Plastic Bags Can Be Mistaken for Food by Sharks

    When submerged a disposable bag kind of resembles a jellyfish, enough so that a predator can easily make a blunder and eat the plastic bag thinking it’s about to get a meal. This simple mistake can have dire consequences. The plastic will not break down in the shark’s digestive system the way food does and the bag can become tangled and lead to an untimely and painful death.

    All Tangled Up

    Floating disposable bag litter can also be a hazard if a marine animal is to swim near or through it and becomes entangled. The animal may be unable to free themselves from the bag and, depending on where and how severe the entanglement, they may be unable to eat and protect themselves and their young.

    Join With Us Beyond Shark Week to Protect Our Majestic Aquatic Friends

    Litter in our oceans is a major problem that threatens sharks and all of the other animals that live in the oceans. Cleaning up the mess will require a massive undertaking, and the best thing to do at this point is to try to contain the problem and prevent it from growing even larger and more unwieldy.

    Be cognizant of how you dispose of trash, recycle everything that can be recycled and if you see a stray plastic bag tumbling down the street or stuck in your neighbor’s hedges grab it and recycle it.

    If you are a consumer, make the commitment to begin using reusable bags and consider starting a bag ban.  If you are a business, brand or retailer, you can join with us to protect sharks and their aquatic friends by creating your own custom reusable bags.  Click HERE to check out our selection of reusable bags and please share this article with all of your friends on social media and when you mention Shark Week, mention the work we can all do to do our part to save the sharks.


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  • IDG Connect Features FDP Chief Marketing Officer Shane Shirley Smith

    Our very own Shane Shirley-Smith was recently interviewed by IDG Connect Marketers and showcased on their web site. We are thrilled to have Shane on our team – she brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, optimism and she’s just great and a lot of fun to be around. Shane has done a tremendous amount of work growing Factory Direct Promos and we’re confident that she will continue to help spread the green word about FDP and help promote the environmental causes we hold dear.
  • 5 Tips to a SOLD! Here’s How to Sell Your Event Sponsorships for Trade Show Bags

    Selling trade show bag sponsorships can seem daunting in this economy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five tips to use in marketing this prime sponsorship to have people lining up to take advantage of the promotional push reusable bags offer.
  • Girl Scouts Encourage Use of Reusable Shopping Bags

    When Hermosa Beach Girl Scout Troop 3925 was looking for a community project to undertake, they found that they all agreed that disposable plastic bags are causing severe damage to the environment and sustainable options, like reusable shopping bags, are a much better choice.
  • How to Be Green? Rock Reusable Bags Like These 4 Hollywood Stars

    People focus on the clothing, hairstyles and shoes of celebrities, but some more subtle accessories are sometimes overlooked that can make anybody look like a movie star.
  • Transform an Old T-Shirt Into a Reusable Bag

    According to an EPA estimate only 15 percent of textile waste is reused or recycled, making used textiles a largely untapped resource. This material already exists, so why not use it in manufacturing? When clothing, sheets and towels, curtains and other materials wear out and are not suitable for donation don’t toss them in the trash.

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