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  • Top Green Bloggers Give Their Must Have Eco-Finds for Fall

    Fall is upon us and the change of seasons mean different things to people in different areas, but generally it means an end to warm weather, drinking pumpkin infused beverages and a switch to rich earth tones and cozy clothing. We've asked some of the most prominent green bloggers to give us their list of some must have items for fall that are seasonal, stylish and most important green.
  • How Businesses and Consumers Can Both Go Green This Halloween

    This Halloween businesses can effectively market their brand while helping consumers celebrate the spookiest day of the year in green fashion. It's actually pretty easy to be green and spooky and go reusable now! Why not create a customized reusable bag that kids can use this October. Whether trick or treating in their neighborhood (here's how to go organic with your treats this year), at school or participating in a community event, kids are bound to have a need for a special reusable bag this Fall. And when a business creates a reusable bag customized with their branding info, they will help out the kids, our planet, our wildlife and help spread the word about their brand.
  • Want to Save a Little Gas Money? It's Time to Green Your Ride

    Making your vehicle run green will not only help you save money, but it will also reduce emissions and help the environment. When your vehicle burns gas, air pollution is released – this pollution can reduce the air quality and lead to discomfort and health issues for people and animals, it can also wreak havoc on the environment, particularly the atmosphere. Taking measures to make your car as fuel efficient and green as possible will reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle while saving the planet and helping out your wallet.
  • 8 Ways to Empower Employees to Work Greener

    When a company wants to make greener socially, and environmentally responsible decisions, it really takes a team effort to implement these initiatives and continue to move forward and find new ways to improve sustainability. It is a great help to have all levels of your staff on board with your company’s green goals and processes. Here are eight ways you can empower and engage your staff to do just that.
  • 3 Tips for Greener Travel

    When you’re in your day-to-day routine you can easily keep up with your green practices, but there is no reason to let travel upset your green routine. When you travel, you can stick to your green practices and make sustainable choices whenever possible. Here are a few tips for green traveling that will help the planet and allow you to relax knowing that you’ve done your part.
  • Latest News on Plastic Threat to Humans and Environment

    Plastic garbage in our oceans has been a known problem for many years, and a recent study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Superior researchers found plastic particles in the Great Lakes for the second year in a row. Plastic debris had previously been discovered in Lakes Superior, Huron and Erie and this recent research uncovered plastic in Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. "The accumulation of plastic particles is a great threat to our natural ecosystem and to the humans who use Lake Superior for our drinking water supply," said Mary Balcer, director of the Lake Superior Research Institute at UW-Superior.
  • Plastic Pollution Strikes Again Killing Rare Sea Turtles

    A recent study reported in MNN found that sea turtles are eating more and more plastic with some species eating almost twice as much today, as compared to 25 years ago. When any animal consumes plastic, it can become lodged in the animal’s digestive system and lead to death. It’s also very easy for an animal to become tangled in plastic trash and that can leave the animal unable to fend for itself. Trash in general is a problem, but because plastic is not biodegradable and holds up just fine in water, it is almost indestructible and this is a big problem for all animals who call the oceans home.
  • Guess How Much Money It Costs Your City to Clean Up Plastic?

    Litter needs to be cleaned up because it is just ugly to look at and it is a serious danger to animals both on land and in the water. Animals can eat the bags and die or they can become tangled in the bags and are left defenseless. Litter mars the natural beauty of our parks, beaches and homes and there is just no place for it. But just how much money does it cost anyway?
  • 3 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Work

    We know our friends in our online community are looking for ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint at work so this week for Eco-Fact Friday, we are offering up three ideas to help you make a smaller footprint at work.
  • Can Schools Lead By Example When Teaching Sustainability to Kids?

    Schools are the perfect place to lead by example and implement new and greener choices that will not only help your school reduce their carbon footprint, but it will also show students how easy it is to go green and how small tasks can have a major impact.

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