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  • How to Easily Market Your Small Business

    Don’t let the name fool you – small business is big business. Small businesses contribute to the strength of our economy and they create jobs. Every major corporation started out as a small business and this is inspiration to foster and grow small businesses. The key to growth is consistency. In order for a small business to grow they need a constant demand for the products or services they provide, and as this demand grows the business will be able to turn more of a profit and reinvest this profit into their business by hiring additional staff, purchasing new equipment, moving into a larger space or maybe opening new locations.
  • Making Sense of Bottled Water...Startling Stats to Impress Your Friends!

    Staying hydrated is definitely important, but don’t fall for the marketing hype behind bottled water. Many companies that sell bottled water want you to believe this water is cleaner or somehow healthier and this is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to spend your money. Not only is bottled water an unnecessary expense, but it also creates a lot of trash and wastes a lot of resources.
  • Are Custom Reusable Bags a Good Way to Market Your Brand?

    When marketing your brand you want to select an item that represents your company, fits in with your mission statement, and will give you the best ROI (Return on Investment) right? Well a functional promotional tool like a reusable bag will last for 3-5 years and fill a need for your customers while also getting your brand’s info out there. You know who your demographic is and what appeals to them, so creating a custom reusable bag just for them is a great way to reach your customers and prospects for many years providing great ROI.
  • 5 Ways CSR Benefits Businesses and Consumers

    There is value to doing good just for the sake of doing good but there are a lot of additional perks and hidden benefits. Both a business and consumers of that business that are unleashed when a brand practices CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Why OMG Means Go Reusable Now

    Carter and Olivia, two siblings from Fayetteville, Georgia both share a passion for wildlife and conversation and they are looking to change the world for the better. Initially these two were focused on conservation so they did research which led to the creation of their nonprofit organization OMG (One More Generation), the objective of which is to preserve endangered species. Through several turns of events, Olivia and Carter have learned a lot about animals and the environment. While conservation is still a cause that is near and dear to both of them, they have also encountered and learned about other environmental issues such as the damage caused by disposable plastic bags, and they are looking to tackle this problem too.
  • Great Ideas for Holiday Corporate Gift Giving

    The corporate gift giving season is almost upon us and if you’re stuck trying to think of something to send out on behalf of your company and wondering what makes great corporate gifts that will stand out in a sea of gift baskets, we’ve lined up some suggestions that will be sure to grab your client and prospects' attention and market your brand.
  • How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Computer for Work or Home

    eco-friendly computers5 of the Best Eco-Friendly Computers for Home or Work

    More computers are being made green today than ever before and while this is definitely good news, it can be tricky to wade through all of your options. With computers it can also be hard to compare one eco model to another since often the green qualities vary greatly.  For instance, is a computer with low mercury content more or less green than a computer made from a high percentage of recycled materials? The answer lies in which computer is the more suitable to your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the computer that is the right fit for you and eco qualities is just part of the equation. If you are wondering which computer to choose that will be the greenest and deliver the most eco-friendly benefits, we’ve rounded up five green computers (in no particular order) and some shopping tips to help you out.

    Wondering What the Best Eco-Friendly Computers are for Work or Home? Here are 5 of the Best:

    1. The Sony Vaio W series boasts a compact size and an impressive battery life, but what really sets it apart from the pack when it comes to being eco-friendly is the fact that over 80 percent of the plastic components are made from recycled material and the LED display is a stunning 100 percent mercury free.

    2. Apple scores very well in many categories and it turns out green-ness is one of them. The Apple MacBook Pro is extremely energy efficient, largely toxin-free, and it is easy to recycle, making it a very eco-friendly option in computers.

    3. Dell’s Studio Hybrid is a compact desktop that comes in 80 percent smaller and uses 70 percent less power than a conventional desktop. The small footprint makes it great for a work area with limited space, but the energy efficiency makes it a green way to take care of business.

    4. The Gateway EC19C-A52C/S laptop packs a powerful punch in terms of processing speed, RAM and hard drive sizes, and running such a network of features typically drains a lot of power, but the EC19C series does it all while managing power like a pro. This laptop delivers an impressive 6 hours per battery charge while also offering a host of powerful features.

    5. ASUS features two laptops from the [Natur.e] series - the U6V and the U2E that feature bamboo covers instead of plastic. ASUS as a company strives to be as eco=friendly as possible and all of their laptops rank well in terms of energy efficiency, but utilizing sustainable materials for the cover instead of plastic is an ingenious way to up the green factor, plus it looks amazing.

    ASUS eco-friendly computerOther Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eco-Friendly Computer?

    A reliable mark to look at when shopping for a computer is the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) rating. This tool is a quantifying system that assigns bronze, silver or gold ratings based on the environmental impact of a product. It is worth noting that a product with a gold EPEAT rating can still contain toxic chemicals, but overall it is still an eco-friendly choice in computers. A refurbished computer could also be the way to go. Refurbished computers extend the life of existing products, making them a great, eco-friendly computer option. Also remember when your old computer just isn’t working out anymore don’t toss it in the trash - recycle it. Recycling electronics is easier now than it has even been. Responsibly disposing of your old electronics has a major environmental impact and should not be underestimated.

    We do our best here at Factory Direct Promos to help consumers and businesses go green with their promotional products and we applaud these company's efforts to create more sustainable products as well. To see how we build sustainability into our products, please take a look at our complete line of eco-friendly promotional items HERE to help market brands, businesses, and events in a greener way than traditional promotional products.

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  • Making Fuel from Plastic Is Not Science Fiction

    A Japanese inventor named Akinori Ito was disheartened by all of the trash piling up and he had an interesting thought; if plastic is made from oil, can it be converted back to oil? The short version of the answer is yes, plastic can be converted back into oil. Here's how.
  • Top Promotional Products for Your Brand, Business, or Event

    There are so many great and useful products you can customize and use to market your business. Remember when you think about what promotional item to go with, choose something that is handy and convenient. The more useful your custom promotional item is, the more your customers, attendees, and prospects will use it. And the more they use it, the more they will expose your brand to other prospects. Here are some products that are bound to appeal to your customers and help increase your brand recognition.
  • Top Green Bloggers Give Their Must Have Eco-Finds for Fall

    Fall is upon us and the change of seasons mean different things to people in different areas, but generally it means an end to warm weather, drinking pumpkin infused beverages and a switch to rich earth tones and cozy clothing. We've asked some of the most prominent green bloggers to give us their list of some must have items for fall that are seasonal, stylish and most important green.

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