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  • 5 Eco Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    Pinterest is a great collection of information and ideas and we can easily fill hours searching and pinning, but we had to pause when we found TerraCycle’s page and all of their great boards. There is a lot of information and we love their eco facts - we love them so much that we wanted to share these 5 eco facts that will blow your mind.
  • 3 Ways to Create a More Sustainable Office Space

    A sustainable work environment conserves natural resources and reduces waste without impeding work. You’re probably already doing a lot of things to improve your sustainability, like using recycled content paper, energy efficient light bulbs and adjusting the settings on your computers to reduce energy consumption when not in use, but here are three other ways to create a more sustainable office
  • Single Use Plastic Bags Banned In the U.S.

    It is with great excitement that we tell you that the President today banned single use plastic bags from the United States! The announcement was made earlier today at a press conference and according to the President this ban will ‘set the United States on a path towards sustainability.’ The disposable bag ban is set to go into action on July 1, 2014 and will prohibit the distribution of single-use plastic bags at grocery and big box stores. Paper bags will be available for a 5-cent fee. Stores will keep the paper bag fee as it is intended to cover the expense stores incur when purchasing paper bags. Individuals on public assistance programs will be exempt from the fee.
  • Why Going Green at Your Next Tradeshow Matters

    Tradeshows are a great opportunity to showcase your products and connect with your customers, but tradeshows also generate a ton of waste each year. Actually they generate 600,000 tons of trash each year courtesy of the 60 million people who attend during a normal year...
  • What Are The Top 10 Green Colleges and Universities in the United States?

    The notion of going green has evolved substantially over the last decade or so right? Remember when, not long ago, when simply setting out recycling bins was enough to earn green bragging rights? Well times have changed for business, consumers, as well as colleges and universities. Many colleges and universities across the country have worked tirelessly to implement green practices and there are so many things colleges in particular can do to up the green factor from recycling and composting to utilizing items made from recycled content, harnessing solar, wind or geothermic power, purchasing offsets and even giving students free bus passes. We scoured the Internet to come up with a list of institutions of higher education that strive to reduce their environmental impact through a variety of endeavors.
  • March Madness! Why Using Single Use Plastic Bags Is Just Plain Crazy

    There are so many drawbacks when it comes to using single use plastic bags from the economic to the environmental that it makes me wonder why more businesses and consumers are not on board with going reusable. Disposable plastic bags harm the planet and your bottom line and there is just no reason to continue to use these bags when there are so many great reusable shopping bag options available. Doing so is just plain crazy!
  • March Madness: How the NCAA is Going Green in 2014

    It is almost time for the NCAA® college basketball tournament, or rather March Madness – it’s that crazy and exciting time of year when people who don’t typically follow college basketball join the faithful and watch every game. This year the Men’s Final Four® will be held in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium on April 5 and April 7 and the NCAA has teamed up with the Local Organizing Committee on some great sustainability initiatives throughout North Texas.
  • 3 Marketing Trends You Need to Know Now

    Sometimes it can be difficult to know which marketing trends are here to stay and which ones are fleeting fads and with the rate at which new marketing tools launch and others fade away, it can be difficult to know how to stay in touch with your existing customers and how to make contact with new customers. I've rounded up 3 marketing trends that will help you create a connection with your customer base and help you get the word out about your brand.
  • What Is The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Ocean?

    Everyone knows litter is a problem, but not everyone may understand just how big of a problem plastic litter is, especially in our oceans. It can be easy to overlook the problem of plastic litter in oceans since most people don’t spend extended amounts of time on the open water. When trash enters the water it gets caught up in gyres or ocean currents, creating a big flotilla of plastic garbage. As trash is caught and churns within this massive heap of garbage one plastic bag can break apart into thousands of smaller pieces of plastic, and each of these smaller pieces can wreak havoc within the ocean, as well as far beyond the water.
  • Why Are Reusable Bags Better than Single Use Plastic Bags?

    When you weigh the pros and cons, reusable shopping bags always come out on top of single-use plastic bags. From using up non-renewable resources, damaging the planet and polluting our planet for thousands of years, there are a lot of reasons to dislike disposable plastic bags. Obviously using reusable shopping bags requires forming habits when it comes to remembering to bring your bags to the store and routinely cleaning your bags (here's more info on that), but when you compare all of the factors, reusable bags are clearly the better choice.

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