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  • 5 Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategies That Work

    Incorporating green marketing strategies into your business will lighten your company’s carbon footprint while also showing your customers that you take your green commitments seriously. What’s great about integrating some green changes into your marketing efforts is that you don’t have to make any major sweeping changes. There are a lot of simple changes you can make that are eco-friendly and will pack a big green change.
  • How to Create Memorable Business Cards from Seed Paper  

    Business cards should be memorable and seed paper is proven to leave a lasting impression. The paper comes in a variety of colors and is embedded with a mix of wildflower seeds. When the card is covered with soil the paper will safely break down and release nutrients into the soil while the seeds germinate. In no time at all the flowers will grow and your customers will have flowers to remind them of your brand. The unique texture of the paper will immediately catch people’s attention and engage them right away.
  • Is Zero Waste Really Attainable at Trade Shows?

    Going zero waste can be a pretty intense challenge and studies have shown that most people feel it is simply not possible to exhibit at a trade show and maintain a zero waste impact. Trade shows are notorious for the amount of trash generated, between packaging and samples and handouts there are so many items and materials, and oftentimes when exhibitors travel a significant distance they may opt to abandon anything they no longer need at the end of the show instead of paying to ship the materials back to their home office. This is disappointing, but as our very own Shane recently broke down for a post on TSNN it is very possible to attain a zero waste impact while exhibiting at a trade show. Read on to get Shane’s tips for going zero waste at your next trade show.
  • Create a Memorable Direct Mail Piece with Seed Paper Post Cards

    Direct mailings are a very viable way to engage with your customers, but if you really want to make your direct mailer memorable think about using seed paper for your next post card. Seed paper is simply paper that has seeds embedded in the stock. The paper has a unique texture and look that will immediately grab your customer’s attention. The paper is intended to be planted either outside, in a planter or in an indoor pot. Since the paper is biodegradable it will safely breakdown, the seeds will germinate and a plant will grow, resulting in a level of engagement that is difficult to achieve otherwise. Keep reading to learn why you should consider marketing with direct mailings if you don’t already, and how to make your next direct mailing memorable with seed paper post cards.
  • Summer Sale on Reusable Tsunami Bags for Eco-Friendly Marketing

    Now until August 31 you can score a great deal on our reusable tsunami bags. During our summer sale these durable bags will be priced as low as $1.37, and as always enjoy a free 1-color imprint. If you’ve been thinking about picking up some customized reusable bags now is your chance to get one of our top selling styles of bags at a really amazing price.
  • Latest Bag Ban Updates In The United States

    Here’s a rundown of some of the most recent updates to our bag ban map. This map is changing all the time as new counties and cities work to implement bans and fees, so check it out and join the movement!
  • Choose the Right Fabric for Your Custom Reusable Bags

    Reusable bags are a highly visible way to promote your brand, and they’re really popular with most consumers excited to get their hands on a custom reusable bag. If you’ve already made the decision to promote your brand with a reusable bag, selecting the material for your bag can be an equally important choice. We offer a wide array of fabrics and while they all make great reusable bags there are different characteristics to each material. In order to help you understand these materials and make an informed decision we rounded up some of the most common questions we field on the topic of fabrics and the answers to these questions.
  • 20 Reasons to Make the Switch to Reusable Bags

    There are so many reasons why you should #GoReusableNow and switch to reusable shopping bags. Between the negative impact of disposable plastic bags and the advantages of reusable bags the choice is pretty clear, but we’ve rounded up 20 reasons why you should go reusable now.
  • How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at Your Next Tradeshow

    Of course you want to spend your marketing budget wisely, and when you decide to promote your brand with a custom reusable bag you are doing just that. Reusable bags are a great fit at tradeshows because people can accumulate so many items, from business cards to pens to catalogs to all sorts of gear emblazoned with company’s branding, so a bag is a natural fit since it gives people a way to carry everything they pick up. A reusable bag is also a great fit for your brand since it not only puts your branding message out there, but you are also establishing a rapport with your customers and giving them something useful and helpful by filling their immediate need. Keep reading to learn more about how a custom branded bag will deliver a fantastic return on your investment.
  • Why Should You Replace Plastic Bags with Reusable Grocery Bags

    Single-use plastic bags offer a certain level of convenience, but there are so many benefits to bring your own reusable grocery bags along when you go shopping. From cost savings to conserving resources and helping marine life switching to reusable shopping bags can make a big difference.

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