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  • Close the Loop on Marketing with Eco Folding Totes

    We know a thing or two when it comes to closing the loop with your marketing items. Creating a customized reusable bag made from recycled materials is a great way to find a new use for materials that would otherwise have no purpose. Plus, an eco-friendly reusable bag is a great way to get the word out about your brand.
  • Eco-Merits of Marketing with Recycled Drawstring Bags

    If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to promote your brand, you should take a look at recycled drawstring bags. These on-trend recycled drawstring bags are everything you could want in a promotional piece: a wide demographic loves this style of bag, they’re made from recycled content, when you customers wear the bag they put your branding info clearly on display, and they are completely customizable. Marketing with recycled drawstring bags adds environmental value to your brand.
  • The Latest News On The California Bag Ban SB270

    The latest chapter in the effort to implement a statewide disposable plastic bag ban in California has taken a new turn with the American Progressive Bag Alliance attempting additional legal action.
  • How to Increase Leads at Your Next Tradeshow with a Custom Reusable Bag 

    Tradeshows are a great opportunity to connect with your customers, forge relationships with prospective customers while garnering leads, but you need an "in" to start a conversation right? As crazy as it sounds, custom reusable bags are the perfect way to engage with your customers and increase leads at tradeshows. Reusable bags are very popular at trade shows, obviously, but a customized bag will get your brand a ton of exposure. Here's how.
  • 6 Plastic Facts to Help You Remember Your Reusable Bag

    Like any habit the key to remembering to bring your reusable grocery bags when you head to the store is repetition. You need to continually grab your bags, so eventually you don’t think about it, you just do it. This can take some getting used to, and if you find yourself at the checkout without your reusable bags it can be tempting to use plastic bags just this once, but resist the temptation. We’ve rounded up some facts about plastic to help your remember to bring your reusable bags and enforce this habit.
  • Custom Recycled Bags Make a Difference to Your Marketing and the Planet

    When you can find a new use for an existing material that is certainly a win. When you can promote your brand in an environmentally friendly manner that also delivers an amazing ROI that is definitely a win. When you can do all of these things it sounds like you are marketing your brand with custom recycled bags.
  • Looking for Marketing That Lasts? Custom Reusable Bags Fill Your Needs and Your Customer’s Too

    Reusable bags are becoming more and more popular every day. This is partly due to an increase in laws banning or levying fees on single-use plastic bags. It is also a result of people choosing to make environmentally responsible choices and reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, which are proven to harm the environment and pose a serious problem to wildlife and their ecosystems. Reusable bags are also a fantastic way to promote your brand in a manner that offers high visibility while also being eco-friendly.
  • Want to Win a Million Bucks? Put on Your Recycling Thinking Caps! 

    Global fashion retailer H&M is known for on trend clothing on a budget, but they are looking to change how clothing is recycled and they are looking to the global community for help. A contest is being sponsored through H&M Conscious Foundation which is a non-profit foundation funded by the Stefan Persson family who are the founders and primary owners of the worldwide brand H&M. The H&M Conscious Foundation is sponsoring the Global Change Award which is looking to close the gap, conserve resources and change how worn out clothing is handled.
  • 5 Strategies for Customer Service Reps That Increase Sales

    Can we agree that your customer service reps (CSR's) play a pivotal role in your company? They interact with your customers and oftentimes it is their hard work that will seal the deal and in many cases their work will lead to future sales. CSR's are relationship builders. You absolutely want to make sure your CSR's have the necessary tools to do their job because their success works out to be success for the entire company.
  • 5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Marketing With Seed Paper

    Paper marketing tools are a necessity and when creating a handout, postcard, business card or other item you want something that is unique and will leave a lasting impression. Seed paper is a great substrate that features seeds embedded in the paper, creating a very textured feel that will immediately grab your customer’s attention. The paper is completely biodegradable, and when covered with soil it will breakdown and the seeds will germinate, giving your customer’s wildflowers or other plants. If you’re interested in utilizing seed paper to market your brand, but not sure how we’ve rounded up some great ideas to help you get started.

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