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  • South Carolina Moves Closer to a Ban on Plastic Bag Bans

    A bill in South Carolina will determine if municipalities can regulate “auxiliary containers,” such as disposable bags and cups. The bill covers a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials, but single-use plastic bags are at the center of the debate. Essentially, this measure will determine if cities, towns and counties can or cannot pass plastic bag bans. The bill was recently sent to the House floor and state legislators will vote to decide. If passed South Carolina would join the ranks of Michigan where plastic bag bans were recently banned. Plastic bag bans require a change in consumer behavior, but they can have a major impact for the better on the environment. Furthermore, plastic bag bans can have a significant impact on your brand’s marketing.
  • NYC Says NO to Reusable Shopping Bags

    The 5-cent fee on disposable plastic plastic bags handed out in New York City that was set to go into action this month was recently canceled before it even got started. The motivation behind the measure was to discourage the use of disposable plastic bags and the resulting negative environmental impact, and encourage the use of reusable shopping bags. Despite a lot of support it turns out there was more opposition, and lawmakers overturned the ruling. While it looks like there is no immediate solution to address the plastic bag problem in NYC there are still ways to turn things around.
  • Positive and Negative Impacts of Existing Plastic Bag Bans

    As the 2016 election came to a close and the votes were tallied, the California bag ban became a reality thanks to a 52 percent “yes” vote. As a result of the vote, large grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail stores are no longer allowed to provide single-use plastic bags to shoppers, while other small retailers will join after a year. As the California bag ban settles in, many are left wondering if it’s reducing environmental damage and waste. While it may be too early to tell with California’s ban, there are a few cities and countries around the globe that are already seeing positive results after banning plastic bags in their location. San Jose, San Francisco, CA and Thurston County, Washington have proven to be among the most successful U.S. cities in waste reduction as a result of their own bans on plastic bags. Let’s look at a few examples of cities and countries that have done well (environmentally) with their plastic bag bans so far:
  • 3 Trade Show Marketing Ideas You Haven't Thought of Yet

    Some of the best trade show marketing ideas are ones that you may not have thought of, yet. Today I would like to offer up three trade show marketing ideas that have worked for us to increase leads and business. Simply incorporating one of these tips into your next trade show or event can yield major results. Keep reading to learn more!
  • Buy Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags and Totes EASILY

    If you are a distributor of promotional products, the basis for your business model most likely includes buying wholesale reusable shopping bags and totes of all kinds for your clients. If you do not have a factory in China, you may be out of luck in obtaining those wholesale reusable shopping bags at the lowest possible price. Especially on your custom work, how will you make a decent profit? Of course you can sift through a thousand suppliers on Alibaba, but do you really have time for that? After spending a lot of precious time sifting through numerous suppliers to get your wholesale reusable shopping bags, will you really feel like you have actually secured the best deal? We understand your frustration. After more than 20 years in business and a factory in China, we know how to help you make the right choice. We have also streamlined our processes from helping you place your order, to manufacturing and delivering your final product. The customization process also lets you create wholesale reusable shopping bags that are useful and function and will be something your customers want to use. We simplified the process, so designing your wholesale reusable shopping bags has never been easier.
  • Create Custom Reusable Bags for Marketing and Retail Use

    One of the things that make custom reusable bags great promotional tools is that they are always working to promote your brand. They make your fans, clients and prospects into walking billboards for your brand. Add in the durability and ability to create something unique that represents your brand, and you have an ideal promotional piece for marketing and retail use. Creating one-of-a-kind, reusable bags lets you get your custom branded bags directly into your customers and prospects' hands, and gives them the ability endorse your brand.
  • 2 Insider Tips to Get THE Lowest Price on Custom Reusable Bags

    Saving money makes it possible to get the most out of your budget, helps your bottom line, and also delivers a certain type of satisfaction from landing an amazing deal. If you are thinking about ordering custom reusable bags, we have two insider tips to help you get the lowest price. Keep reading to learn how to purchase custom reusable bags like a pro.
  • Reusable Tote Bags Make a Marketing Impact

    The goal of any marketing item is to make an impact, but if you’re not sure what type of marketing tool is right for your brand, we suggest utilizing reusable tote bags. Some marketing items are specific to certain demographics, but reusable bags are useful for everyone. These promotional bags will get your brand tons of exposure while also delivering great ROI and living up to your company’s green goals. Are you thinking about adding reusable tote bags to your marketing lineup? We are here to help.
  • Reusable Bags vs. Recycled Bags: What’s the Difference?

    Across industries, people seem to be confused as to the difference between reusable and recycled items. Although they sound similar, they are actually two distinctive terms. A recycled item often refers to something that can be reused, but unlike reusable items, it’s made of recycled materials. As part of the recycling process, things like plastic or glass bottles are broken down and turned into something new and completely different. Reusable items, on the other hand, are something that you can reuse over and over again. We’ve summarized some of the primary differences between reusable bags and recycled bags (below) to give our customers the information needed to make an educated purchasing decision.
  • Create Custom Reusable Shopping Bags in 4 Easy Steps

    Custom reusable shopping bags are a very effective way to promote your brand. If you want a promotional item that delivers a great ROI, is eco-friendly, durable and safe than custom reusable shopping bags are what you’re looking for. Creating something custom can be intimidating and time consuming, but not when you work with us. We’ve streamlined the process to be 4 simple steps that make it easy to create your very own custom reusable shopping bags.

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