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  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Bags?

    As disposable plastic bag bans gain momentum across the United States this causes a dialog around the advantages and disadvantages of single-use plastic bags. These bags have been a staple at stores of all types and sizes for years, so by this point we have a good idea of the true impact of disposable plastic grocery bags. Below we’ve outlined the pros and cons of plastic grocery bags.
  • Spectacular Summer Promotion for Your Marketing

    We just kicked off a spectacular summer promotion that makes it easier than ever to get customized reusable bags into your customers’ hands for successful marketing ROI. There is a lot of value to marketing your brand with a reusable product – every time your customers carry your branded bag they reinforce their connection with your brand, but they also spread your marketing message to their family, friends, coworkers and even complete strangers. By carrying your branded reusable bag your customers increase your brand recognition and ensure you receive an amazing return on your investment.
  • How to Increase Brand Recognition

    Can people identify your brand and the products and services you provide simply by seeing your logo? Do people recognize your corporate colors? Is your tag line one that is genuine, sticks in people's minds and works to build a relationship? There is a lot of value in people recognizing your branding information because people feel comfortable with what they know, and when people know your brand, you are working to build a relationship that makes them more likely to work with you and purchase your products. There are several things you can do to increase your brand recognition. Read on to learn more about establishing and maintaining your branding.
  • Why Reusable Wine Totes are Great for More Than Just Wine!

    When most people hear the term reusable bags they think of grocery bags, which is fine and makes sense given how popular reusable shopping bags have become as of late, but there are so many different styles of reusable bags to choose from. While a specialized bag has an intended purpose – there is no reason such a bag can't be used for so many other things. We’d like to shine a light on our reusable wine totes to help illustrate that while these bags are great for wine bottles they are capable of so much more.
  • What Is a Great Way to Market Your Brand? Help Your Clients with Eco Folding Totes

    If you’re looking for a new marketing tool to promote your brand and help your clients and prospects, give our reusable folding totes a look – we offer a wide selection of eco folding tote bags that are all eco-friendly and reusable while also offering a small and lightweight size, so you will minimize your carbon footprint, offer your customers a compact and convenient carrying solution while getting the word out about your brand. Here is a look at three of our eco folding totes that are a great option for your brand.
  • Why Are Single Use Plastic Bags Being Banned Across the World?

    There is a growing trend around the world to ban single-use plastic bags. In Africa, Asia and Europe, these bans are typically implemented at a country wide level, but similar measures are gaining in popularity in the United States. However, State side these bag bans are applied at a city or county level. The world is a diverse place, and yet it seems that banning single-use plastic bags is a commonality – something that people from drastically different cultures can agree on and see value in. I have broken down why disposable plastic bags are being banned across the world.
  • 3 Ways Using Reusable Grocery Bags Helps Wildlife

    The simple choice to switch to reusable grocery bags can have so many positive ramifications and will lead the way to big changes for wildlife. From reducing litter and greenhouse gases to increasing the use of sustainable materials, reusable grocery bags are the smart choice as far as wildlife is concerned. If you really want to make a difference, it's time to grab some reusable grocery bags!
  • 3 Eco Friendly Bags to Successfully Market Your Brand

    When you get to the point that you’ve decided to market your brand with eco friendly bags, next comes deciding just which bag will get the best return on your marketing spend for your brand. There is value in selecting the ideal eco friendly bags – well-designed bags will quickly become your customer’s favorite and favorite bags get tons of use, or rather, lots of exposure for your brand resulting in a great return on your marketing spend.
  • Want to Showcase Your Passion About Your Business?

    Are you passionate about your business? What drives you each day? What keeps you moving forward through all of the fires you have to put out and through all of the hours spent at the office? We want to know because we think you need to share that passion with your clients and prospects in an eco-friendly way and we can help.
  • Come With Us As We Visit Our Custom Reusable Bags Factory in China

    Recently, our very own Beth Wilkerson, Factory Direct Promos General Manager, and Bill English, CEO of SBS Brands (FDP’s parent company) took a trip to our factory in China. The plan was to meet face to face with the folks at the factory, make sure all was well, check out new products and designs, and insure our relationship is strong in order to offer you our best quality and factory direct pricing. It was a great visit, we gained some valuable insight into the day-to-day operations at the factory and we’ve even got some photos to share that offer a peek inside the factory.

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