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  • Latest News On California SB270 State-Wide Bag Ban

    Officials in California confirmed what was long suspected and put the state’s single-use plastic bag ban on hold. A trade group was able to gather the signatures needed to get the ban on the November 2016 ballot. At this time the future of the bag ban in California is unknown but the CEO of our parent company SBS Brands, Bill English had this to say, "‎I'm betting this will just delay things a year."
  • How to Get The Best Price on Certified Reusable Bags

    Now through February 27, 2015 we are offering end column pricing on our very popular (and very eco!) reusable tsunami bags. If you’ve been thinking about placing an order for reusable bags, now is certainly the time to get these durable, certified reusable bags at an even better than normal price.
  • How to Help the Environment and Your Brand

    Global Leader of Public Development and Sustainability at Nielsen, Amy Fenton, tells us, “It’s no longer a question if consumers care about social impact, consumers do care and show they do through their actions. Now the focus is on determining how your brand can effectively create shared value by marrying the appropriate social cause and consumer segments.”
  • Heading to a Trade Show? Here's How to Make a Lasting Impression

    Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet your customers and vendors and build relationships. This is also a perfect time to expand your brand’s presence and increase your brand’s recognition. If you want to continue to forge a relationship with your customers after the trade show has ended, you need to look into offering a giveaway.
  • Worldwatch Institute Analysis Says Recycling Rates Not Keeping Up with Plastic Production

    In a statement recently issued by Worldwatch Institute, an independent research organization based in Washington, D.C. that works on energy, resource and environmental issues, the plastic problem is broken down. This report makes it clear that the problems caused by plastic far outweigh the advantages.
  • China’s Jilin Province Bans Productions and Use of Single-Use Plastic Bags

    There is now a ban on the production and sale of disposable plastic bags in Jilin Province in Northeast China. The objective of the ban was to reduce trash and help streamline the waste stream. Shoppers can bring their own reusable grocery bags or they can use biodegradable bags. The law went into effect on the first day of this year.
  • 3 Facts About Plastic Pollution That Will Flip You Out

    Inside the Garbage of the World is a great film that is full of so much information and insight and the more we watch it the more we want to take action, but we need help. In fact, we pretty much need the help of everyone in the world to reverse the damage caused by plastic pollution. This is definitely a big undertaking, but we are optimistic we can all help turn things around. To help inspire you here are three facts about plastic pollution you might not have known.
  • Latest Bag Ban News from Across the United States

    Keeping up with the ever-changing developments surrounding disposable plastic bag bans is a job we here at Factory Direct Promos love doing. It can be a lot of work but we actually have our bag ban expert Alison with us to keep track of the developments and it is so great to see cities pull together and make something that they believe in happen. It is also so incredibly inspiring to see neighboring cities and towns follow suit and implement bans of their own. While California still dominates the bag ban coverage, we are super excited to follow up with long overdue developments in Long Island and report on some new happenings in Kansas.
  • Easy and Green Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

    With Christmas right around the corner there isn’t a lot of time left to pick up gifts. If there are still a few hard to shop for people on your list and you need something easy and green we’ve got you covered with last minute Christmas gift ideas. Read on to get some holiday inspiration.
  • What's The Problem With Plastic? Inside the Garbage of the World

    I was lucky enough to get introduced to a film called Inside the Garbage of the World a couple of weeks ago on Twitter by the filmmaker himself, Philippe Carillo. You will want to follow along with him and his wife Maxine on Twitter HERE but basically, the film, explores the devastating impact pollution, and in particular plastic pollution, has on the oceans and how that in turn impacts all life on the planet. This film has lots of updated and informative info and is really worth the watch. It breaks down the plastic pollution problems, shatters myths and explains how we can work to overcome the plastic pollution problem.

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