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  • How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at Your Next Tradeshow

    Of course you want to spend your marketing budget wisely, and when you decide to promote your brand with a custom reusable bag you are doing just that. Reusable bags are a great fit at tradeshows because people can accumulate so many items, from business cards to pens to catalogs to all sorts of gear emblazoned with company’s branding, so a bag is a natural fit since it gives people a way to carry everything they pick up. A reusable bag is also a great fit for your brand since it not only puts your branding message out there, but you are also establishing a rapport with your customers and giving them something useful and helpful by filling their immediate need. Keep reading to learn more about how a custom branded bag will deliver a fantastic return on your investment.
  • Paper, Plastic or Something Better?

    Deciding which type of bag to carry your purchases home from the store in isn’t the sort of decision that needs a lot of consideration, but you still have options to think over. The next time the clerk at the store asks you if you want paper or plastic, why not ask for something better?
  • Back To School Eco Special for Your Marketing

    Reusable bags are proven to effectively spread your marketing message and deliver a great ROI, or return on your investment. A well-made reusable bag can deliver years of use, so your customized reusable bag will be reminding your customers about your brand while also increasing your brand awareness with people who see your customers carrying your branded bag. For a limited time as the new school year is bearing down we are offering a back to school eco special.
  • Want the Hottest Trends in Custom Reusable Bags?

    You know a reusable bag will be a good fit for your brand, but while the ability to customize the design of your branded bag is a great feature, sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to begin. With this in mind our amazing head of design at Factory Direct Promos, Lucas, took a lot of time and effort to create our 2015 design book and catalog. This download brings you the hottest and trendiest custom bags of the market this year and will be just the thing to jumpstart your creativity.
  • Do Consumers Really Care About Banning Bags?

    You bet they do and research shows they are internally motivated to do so. Like anything new it takes time for shoppers to get used to a disposable plastic bag ban or fee, but once customers have a routine and get into the habit of bringing their reusable bags when they go to the store people begin to really support the measure and can see the value it brings.
  • Oahu Bag Ban Inspires Tote Bag Fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network

    On July 1, 2015 Oahu joins the other Hawaiian Islands by prohibiting single-use plastic bags, effectively banning disposable plastic bags throughout the archipelago. Bag bans have gained a lot of support in Hawaii since they preserve the natural beauty of the land and water, and reduce the negative environmental impact caused by plastic bags. As one group has learned single-use bag bans can also do a lot more to help the people of Hawaii.
  • Disposable Plastic Bag Fee Overturned in Dallas

    Back in 2012, Dallas had big plans to go zero waste by 2040. There was even talk of increased recycling and banning disposable items such as plastic bags. Talks have stalled and Dallas has not completely given up on this ambitious goal, but with this single-use bag fee setback it is not likely Dallas will reach this milestone.
  • Marketing That Works in Today's Digital World

    With the advent of digital media, there are more avenues than ever before to market your company and get the word out about your brand. In order to get the best use of your marketing budget though, you really need to choose wisely and opt for reaching out to customers in a way that will catch and hold their attention and strengthen relationships.
  • Want The Lowest Price on Reusable Wine Totes?

    Reusable wine totes are specialized bags that make it easy, safe and comfortable to carry wine or liquor bottles. In addition, they are a great way to give your brand some added exposure. We are pretty proud of our reusable wine totes because they are the highest quality which is super important in a wine tote as they need to be tough enough to hang in there for years of dependable use. Our wine totes are a smart use of your marketing budget.
  • 5 Easy Ways Employees Can Work Greener

    The benefits of going green at work are many and extend beyond a reduced carbon footprint and saving money. Making green and reusable decisions at work can create a more productive workplace, set the tone for the company culture and help to instill in your staff your green goals and objectives in line with your CSR initiatives. Implementing reusable products into your workplace will bring your employees down a greener path.

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