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  • Quality and Safety Certified Lead-Free Reusable Bags at Factory Direct Pricing 

    Reusable bags are tried and true marketing tools that are proven to effectively get your brand noticed. While we pride ourselves on offering reusable bags that can be customized however you’d like, we are also proud that our reusable bags are safe, lead-free, well made and available at low direct from the factory pricing. Learn how to put our quality and safety certified reusable bags to work for your brand.
  • Latest Bag Bans In United States Bring Opportunity for Marketing

    We are thrilled to report to both consumers and businesses that the bag ban movement is going strong and we’ve recently added a lot of new pins to our interactive bag ban map. Each time a bag ban is implemented, this brings opportunity for both consumers and businesses to live and market greener. If you are doing business in any of the locations on our map that have a bag ban in place, or are considering a bag ban or fee, now is the time fill a need with consumers and to market greener with custom reusable bags.
  • Create an Interactive Reusable Bag for Marketing

    Marketing today is so much about creating a relationship with your prospects, deepening those relationships with existing customers and creating personalized, interactive experiences. One way to do this is by taking your customized marketing gear to the next level, with custom codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to relay information about your brand and capture data. Quick Response codes, typically referred to as QR codes, can be printed directly on an item and are a great way to engage with your customers while also getting all of the benefits you’re already getting from utilizing custom reusable bags or other promotional products for marketing. Reusable promotional products make great marketing tools because of their eco-friendly reusable nature. Each and every time your customers use your branded items, they are reminded of your brand, while also spreading your message to others they encounter. Incorporating QR codes gives your customers a way to interact with your brand and learn more about your company.
  • Summer Sale Cool Down on Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

    Once a Year Summer Cool Down Pricing on Eco-Friendly Promotional Products! It's time to cool down the pricing on eco-friendly promotional products with our annual Summer Sale. We know it's hot outside and the time is right to take advantage of our lowest pricing of the year on three of our hottest eco-friendly promotional products for summer. Make the most out of summer marketing by putting your logo on your choice of our most popular eco-promotional items to help your prospects and customers beat the summer heat! Choose one item, or all three, during the month of June and receive next column pricing. Take advantage of this summer pricing on eco-friendly promotional products HERE.
  • Bag Ban in Puerto Rico...What Your Business Needs to Know

    Bag Ban In Puerto Rico Begins in December! We have noticed an influx of orders for our reusable bags from Puerto Rico because starting this December, disposable plastic bags will be banned throughout the territory. Officials have been working to ban single-use plastic bags for a number of years. This past December, Governor Alejandro García Padilla signed into law the Act for the Promotion of Reusable Bags and Regulation of Plastic Bags in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Act 247-2015. This law bans retail stores and commercial establishments from handing out disposable plastic bags effective December 24, 2016.
  • The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag - Infographic

    What Is the Lifecycle of a Plastic Bag? Five trillion disposable plastic bags are produced each year. That’s a whole lot of bags using up a ton of resources, and they have some serious long-term environmental impacts. Check out our info graphic to follow the life cycle a plastic bag, and learn about the entire journey.
  • How Much Plastic Is Really In Our Oceans?

    I came across an interesting article last week and that really answers the question of how much plastic is in our oceans. We hear all of the time about plastic oceans, plastic pollution and garbage patches, but what does this really mean? Well, the folks at Vox decided to break things down and quantify how much plastic is really in our oceans and here is the breakdown.
  • 5 Benefits to Marketing with Custom Reusable Bags 

    There are a lot of traits that make custom reusable bags a great marketing tool. From their eco-friendly impact on our planet, to their great value and effectiveness at getting the word out about your brand, there has never been a better time to market with custom reusable bags. We’ve rounded up 5 reasons why you should consider creating a custom reusable bag for your brand.
  • Plastic and Paper are Out and Reusable Shopping Bags are In for Marketing!  

    Create a positive change for our planet while making a great impression on consumers by marketing with custom reusable bags. There are a lot of great reasons why reusable bags make the perfect promotional tool. From their usefulness, to their environmental impact, factory pricing and the ability to customize away are each on their own a compelling reason, but when you work with us at Factory Direct Promos all of these reasons come into play. Keep reading to learn how and why you should put custom bags to work for your company.
  • 3 Steps to Starting a Bag Ban In Your Community

    Are you thinking about banning single-use plastic bags in your hometown? Disposable plastic bags are the culprit for a lot of environmental harm, from damage to waterways and other habitats, and posing a major health risk to animals. By getting rid of the source of these problems, these problems will go away, too. There is a well-established movement to ban plastic bags, and this movement is constantly growing. If you think your hometown could benefit from a bag ban we have the first three steps you need to follow to get started.

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