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  • Edelman’s Study Says Consumers Choose Brands On a Social Mission

    When consumers and brands join forces on social change, the impact can be major. You already know the benefit of having a committed following of consumers, but when consumers are committed, or dedicated to a brand they have a sense of loyalty. This strong rapport means consumers will stick with a brand, and support a company when it comes to making purchasing decisions, and on outlets like social media.
  • Custom Reusable Bags Make Students, Alumni and Fans Into Walking Billboards

    Colleges and Universities, Use Custom Reusable Bags to Make Walking Billboards Our of Your Fans! Custom reusable bags are an effective promotional tool for any brand. Often businesses focus on creating customized bags to hand out a trade shows or other events, but for colleges and universities, custom reusable bags are an effective and fun marketing tool. From students to alumni and staff and even supporters of your program, custom reusable bags can turn your fans into mobile, walking billboards. Keep reading to learn how to put custom reusable bags to work for your school or university.
  • Promotional Bio Bags Make a Lasting Statement for Your Brand

    You have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a promotional tool, and deciding which type of marketing item is the best fit for your brand and budget is a big decision. If you’re looking for an item that is easy on your bottom line, delivers a great return on your investment, is effective at establishing and maintaining your brand’s recognition while also being green maybe you should consider our promotional bio bags. These completely customizable marketing items tick a lot of boxes and will certainly make a statement.
  • Is a Zero Waste Grocery Store Coming to You? #WasteNotWantNot

    For our most recent installment in the Waste Not Want Not series, we’re looking at a business model that has been thriving in Europe for a while now and is just starting to pop up in North America. This trend is zero waste, or no waste, grocery stores. The zero waste grocery store concept is pretty simple. The idea is to eliminate waste by not offering products in packaging or providing single-use plastic bags. Keep reading to learn just how this works.
  • END COLUMN PRICING on Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

    The summer heat is obviously getting to our Manager Beth, because she has decided to offer END COLUMN PRICING on three of our hottest selling , eco-friendly promotional products! All joking aside, this offer makes right now a great time to make a difference with your marketing, take advantage of truly exceptional pricing AND join the movement to reduce plastic for the planet and our people! Choose one, two or all three or eco- promotional products HERE!
  • Retailers Increase Sales with Reusable Laminated Shopping Bags

    If people have a custom reusable shopping bag from you they will use it, and when they use it your branding will be put on display. The ultimate goal is to get your custom branded bags to your customers. One way to do this is to include branded bags as a gift with purchase. By giving the bags away you’re not receiving any payment, but one reusable bag can deliver thousands of impressions over the course of its lifetime and your brand will be taking part in the mission to reduce plastic and protect our planet. These benefits to your business and the planet are significant. The value custom reusable bags deliver in terms of brand recognition and lead generation, makes giving away branded reusable laminated shopping bags a win for your brand, the planet and its people. Plus, you can actually increase sales with this gift with purchase. Read on to find out how.
  • The Ocean Cleanup Is Fact Not Fiction Thanks to Boyan Slat

    Trash in the oceans is a big problem; particularly plastic trash, since it is not biodegradable. As has been well documented, ocean trash is picked up by currents and results in massive garbage patches comprised of large pieces of trash as well as tiny particles of plastic. Through the work of a young, Dutch inventor, it is possible that a solution to ocean trash and garbage patches may have been found.
  • Retailers Here Are 2 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Recycled Bags!

    Custom recycled bags are a great way to promote your retail brand. Their reusable design means your customers can use them again and again and they will get your brand’s message out there each and every time your customer’s carry them. Once your customers have your recycled custom bag they can start spreading the word about your brand, but how do you get your custom recycled bags into your customer’s hands? Here are a couple ways to promote your brand with the perfect recycled custom bag.
  • 5 Benefits to Marketing with Eco-Friendly Custom Reusable Bags at Trade Shows

    In a recent guest post for TSNN, I wrote about the benefits of marketing at tradeshows with eco-friendly reusable bags. From the eco qualities to the return on your investment (ROI), and the proven effectiveness at establishing and maintaining your brand’s awareness, there are a lot of advantages to utilizing custom reusable bags as promotional products. For a roundup of five reasons why you should consider making your next tradeshow giveaway an eco-friendly custom reusable bag check this out.
  • Retailers! Make Your Customers Brand Advocates

    Your customers are a great resource in terms of spreading your branding message, because they already love shopping with you. Give your customers the tools they need to help share their love for your brand and get your brand noticed by prospects with custom reusable bags. When it comes to marketing tools, custom reusable shopping bags are a great choice. They are universally useful so your customers can use them to carry groceries, clothing and other goodies home from your store, or they can use them to tote clothes to the gym or to carry just about anything anyplace. While your customers use your custom reusable shopping bags, your customers are advocating for your brand and getting your store noticed.

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