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  • How to Use Social Media to Engage Your Followers and Spread Your Environmental Message

    Social media is a great tool to create a loyal online community for your brand and share your company’s products and message. Social media allows you to spread your message in real time and keep like-minded folks up to date and engaged with your brand. Social media is also a great forum to showcase the things your company does for the environment and your community.
  • How Plastic Bags Impact Animals and Other Wildlife

    Most people do not intend for their discarded plastic bags to become litter and detrimental to wildlife, but when bags turn up in open-air landfills and the elements get a hold of them, things spiral out of control. Since plastic bags are so lightweight they can easily be lifted by a strong gust of wind. Once plastic bags get airborne, they can travel great distances until they become snagged in a tree or shrub or until they touch down in water where the weight of the water makes them too heavy for flight.
  • How to Make Your Brand Or Business Memorable?

    Create a truly memorable business card or marketing mailer by having your next batch printed on made in the USA, eco-friendly, custom seed paper. Seed paper is exactly what it sounds like it is – paper with embedded seeds that sprout into beautiful wildflowers. Simply plant the paper in a pot with soil or directly in the ground and about a week or so later, wildflowers will sprout and your client or customer will be left with beautiful flowers to remind them of your message, company or brand. Factory Direct Promos features a stunning selection of 21 colors to choose from and a variety of soy-based ink colors so you can create something that captures your branding and message, but is different, exciting and green, both literally and figuratively.
  • Why Green America Certified Means Good Business

    How Factory Direct Promos Does Green Right for the Environment and Their Customers

    Factory Direct Promos recently earned the honor of being designated as a Silver Level Green America Certified Business. Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization celebrating their 30th year and they have a simple mission: to utilize economic power to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Essentially, Green America gets behind and supports businesses that do right by the environment as well as the local community and the world. There are three levels of distinction - bronze, silver and gold - that identify the success of a business in terms of their impact on people and the planet.

    Green America Strives to Accomplish Four Goals:

    • 1. Promote social justice and environmental sustainability through the empowerment of individuals to make purchasing and investment choices.
    • 2. Encourage an end to corporate irresponsibility through economic action on a collective level
    • 3. Promote fair trade and green green business principles while at the same time, striving to build a market for all businesses adhering to those principles.
    • 4. Build sustainable communities throughout the United States and the world.

    Why Green America Certified Matters

    A green business needs to challenge how they handle themselves and implement practices and procedures that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities, and the planet. The changes put into motion need to impact everyone involved with the organization from permanent staff to freelance and contract workers to vendors and customers. There are the obvious benefits of being green and sustainable – less pollution is unleashed on water supplies, air is clean and breathable, less trash finds its way to landfills and trees are spared.

    Positive environmental results most certainly make it worthwhile to implement green practices, but these are just some of the benefits. Green practices are inspiring. Employees are motivated by their employers lead and it gets them more involved and engaged in the work at hand. Customers can get on board and learn from, and strive to emulate, the green lessons learned. Green practices can also create loyalty and maintain relationships as staff and consumers realize and appreciate the efforts of the business and the impact on the community.

    Factory Direct Promos Is Proud to Be Green America Certified and Means Good Business for You

    Green America is a well-respected organization that is doing positive, green work through helping sustainable businesses like ours garner recognition for the hard work we do through raising awareness of green business practices. Earning recognition from Green America demonstrates to vendors and customers that a business is committed to the environment and their community.  All of us at Factory Direct Promos  are proud to have achieved the honor of becoming a Silver Level Green America Certified Business. We will continue to deliver the best green business practices and eco-friendly promotional products to every organization, business or association that desires to work with a business committed to a sustainable and green future.

  • Paper or Plastic? How Austin, Texas Says NO to Both

    Austin, Texas is gearing up for a ban on both plastic and paper disposable shopping bags that is going into action on March 1, 2013. The ban was approved by the Austin City Council in March of this year. The powers that be in Austin wanted to make sure they got the ban right the first time, so they took special care to draft a law that would fit what the residents wanted. Residents were invited to speak at public forums and the bill was drafted and re-drafted before the final version went to vote.
  • 3 Ways to Green Your Break Room

    When you add it all up people spend a lot of time at work, and because of this the typical office cranks out a lot of garbage. There is the expected rubbish, like the unclaimed pages on the printer and spent coffee grounds, but there is also the unnecessary garbage, like single use plates, cups, and utensils. It is completely understandable as to why disposable items are popular in an office kitchen and break room right? There is just something about the office that causes people to not clean as thoroughly. Maybe they think the next person will finish scrubbing where they left off or they hope someone else will put the finishing touches on the dishes stacking up in the sink. Whatever the reasons, your office break room presents a huge opportunity to go green.
  • Urban Beekeeping for Business?

    Honeybees are out to prove that if they can make it in New York City, they can make it anywhere. In a city full of concrete and skyscrapers, honeybee hives managed by beekeepers are popping up on rooftops across the city and across the world. Hotels in Paris, Toronto and Denver also boast rooftop hives. Utilizing rooftops for green space and outdoor activities is nothing new in large cities like New York – pigeon coups and terraces are common sights. Sustainable honeybee hives are a new addition and one that proves beneficial for everyone.
  • Why Reuse a Cup?

    Last year 25 billion paper cups were thrown away just in the United States. This number may seem staggering, but think back to how many disposable coffee cups you saw this morning and how many to-go cups you saw at work after lunch. Disposable cups are a common sight and they easily pile up in our landfills. Many paper cups are difficult to impossible to recycle – the plastic coating that allows the cup to hold fluids is great for preventing leaks, but it also thwarts any effort to recycle the cup. Plastic cups are not much better since people typically toss them in the trash when they are done instead of recycling them.
  • Worker Engagement is Key to Business Success

    Engaged employees are passionate about the company they are a part of – they will go out of their way to make sure the company is successful because they see their own success as tied to that of the company. Engagement is so much more than other business buzz words often thrown about, such as employee satisfaction, vision, commitment and motivation.
  • Solana Beach Says Goodbye to Plastic Bags

    Shoppers in Solana Beach, California had their first taste of life free from single use plastic shopping bags, and as would be expected the responses from shoppers ran the gamut. Some shoppers simply packed up their purchase in the reusable grocery bags they purchased while others were irritated that plastic bags were not available and paper bags would set them back 10 cents each. Solana Beach is the first city in San Diego County to ban plastic bags and they are following in the steps of 44 other California cities who have already banned these environmental hazards. By some estimates stores in the state of California give out 19 billion plastic bags a year and a mere 5 percent are recycled. At this rate the folks in Solana Beach felt they had to do something and that is how this ban came to be.

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