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  • Eco Drinkware Puts Your Branding Message in Your Customer’s Hands

    or carrying reusable water bottles. You can hardly go anyplace without seeing reusable drinkware – at the office and the gym and just about everyplace in between. Any type of reusable cup or mug is a prime opportunity to market your brand in a highly visible manner.
  • Latest Chapter in Ongoing Plastic Bag Saga Finds Toronto Bag Ban Overturned….For Now

    When Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, attempted to do away with a 5-cent fee that was levied on plastic bags handed out at stores within the city that set off a surprising turn of events. Ford wanted to do away with the fee because he felt it was not necessary – he felt shoppers should be able to use plastic bags if they want to and it was silly to charge a fee to dissuade them. The council immediately voted to pass the mayor’s proposal to end the fee and just as quickly proposed and passed an outright ban on plastic bags. The ban was scheduled to begin on January 1, 2013, but once again the plan has changed.
  • Plastic Pollution and the Impact on the Food Chain

    Plastic bag recycling is often touted as a solution to the environmental damage caused by plastic bags, but it just isn’t that simple. Through increased education and outreach programs, plastic bag recycling is in fact on the rise. However, recycling plastic bags is not as efficient (they get stuck in the machinery) or effective as recycling other materials such as paper or glass. There are a wide variety of plastics out there and different types of plastic require different handling and processing for recycling. Throw into the mix the fact that plastic bags are often contaminated with food or other forms of waste, which complicates the handling and recycling process, and what seemed like a good idea, becomes a massive undertaking.
  • Get Organized and Promote Your Brand with the Bagonizer

    Keep Reusable Bags Neatly Bundled and Ready to Go

    Bagonizer-reusable-bag-organizer-factory-direct-promosThe Bagonizer is a handy device that makes it easy to grab your reusable shopping bags when you head to the store. Simply wrap up to 6 reusable bags together and clip them into the Bagonizer and you have a convenient bundle to toss in your car or take on the go. Since the device bounds bags together your days of looking for stray bags in the backseat or trunk of your car or getting to the checkout and realizing you forgot a bag or two are over.

    The Bagonizer also features a clip so you can easily slide the Bagonizer onto the side of a shopping cart to securely hold your bags while you shop. When you get to the checkout and it’s time to pack up your groceries, your reusable bags are easily accessible and not buried under all of your groceries! For added convenience you can also slip your shopping list into the Bagonizer, so everything you need when you go shopping is neat and tidy and ready to go.

    Make sure bags are dry before wrapping them up and clipping them into the Bagonizer. If bags are damp due to leaky packaging or from thawing frozen foods make sure to wash and completely dry your bags before stowing them in the Bagonizer to keep them fresh and ready.

    Create a Custom Bagonizer

    Like all products from Factory Direct Promos the Bagonizer can be customized to fit your brand and style. Select from over two dozen colors and have your company name or logo imprinted on the Bagonizer and hand it out to your customers at your next tradeshow or give them out as a holiday gift. The Bagonizer is an especially thoughtful item if you have been marketing your brand with reusable grocery bags and you know your clients have amassed a collection of bags.

    Each and every time your clients use your customized Bagonizer they will see your branding message and be reminded of your company. When the Bagonizer is clipped to the side of a shopping cart your logo will be put on display for other shoppers to see, so not only are you helping your clients stay organized but they are helping spread the word about your brand.

    Head over to to learn more, request a quote and get started customizing your Bagonizer today.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Factory Direct Promos

    In the spirit of the holiday we at Factory Direct Promos want to take some time to explain what (or rather who) we are thankful for. We appreciate all of the great folks we work with throughout the year because they help and inspire us to do the work we do.
  • Uganda Struggles to Ban Disposable Plastic Bags

    Uganda has been waging a war against plastic bags since 2002. At that time a lawsuit was filed by the group Greenwatch. The suit claimed that the use of plastic for disposable bags, containers and food wrappers violated the right of Uganda’s citizens to a clean and healthy environment. In June 2007 the government banned the importation, use and distribution of polythene bags less than 30 microns thick, but Parliament never passed a law implementing the ban and plastic bag manufacturers found a loophole and continued to produce and distribute plastic bags. Plastic bag manufacturers circumvented this ban by producing bags that were 30 or 31 microns thick. The manufacturers thought they were being clever, but they were just perpetuating the use of plastic bags and all of the harm these bags cause as opposed to reusable bags.
  • Power Up with Green Energy

    p>Green energy can mean a couple different things. Clean and efficient energy options fall under the definition of green energy, as well as sustainable options and combined heat and power. The advantages of going green are many – it allows you to stabilize or maybe even lower your energy expenses and the environmental toll is minimal to non-existent.

    Green energy reduces the amount of power needed to create more energy units, so overall less energy is used. Using less energy reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas emissions which improve air quality and public health. Simple things like switching to energy efficient light bulbs can allow you to better use resources and save money, while bigger changes like using solar, wind or biomass power can have a greater impact not only on your bottom line but also on the environment.

  • How to Reach Customers through Slogans and Branding Messages on Reusable Bags

    It would be great if you could start a conversation with your customers right? What would it be worth to your brand if you could sit down with prospects and customers and talk about what your company believes in and what you are doing to create a better product or to provide superior service?  And what if you could outline your environmental goals and the steps you are taking to reach those goals? Wouldn’t that be great marketing?  While it impossible even with social media, to chat with all of your prospects and customers, you most certainly can create promotional customized bags that will start and carry the conversation for you…and that is priceless.
  • Creating a Custom Bag for Your Brand

    Printing your logo on a promotional bag is certainly a great way to increase your brand’s exposure and get noticed, but creating a custom bag takes things to the next level. Customizing a bag that best showcases your branding message and connects with your customers will create a lasting impression as well as brand recognition.

  • How Does Delhi Plan to Make Failed 2009 Bag Ban Law a Success?

    Delhi passed a ban on disposable plastic bags in January of 2009. Specifically the ban prohibited the production, storage, distribution, and use of plastic bags.  Failure to adhere to this law was supposed to result in fines and possible jail time; however, the law was not upheld. Plastic bags were still manufactured, sold, stored and handed out. Many store owners claimed that they had to continue to use plastic bags because their competitors were and by not doing the same they would drive customers to shop elsewhere. Essentially, everyone justified breaking the law because everyone else was doing it.

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