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  • Three Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck at Tradeshows

    Tradeshows are a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and educate both customers and potential customers about your brand. Giveaways are the norm, so you need to create a giveaway that catches your customers’ attention and resonates well with them. A customized, eco-friendly promotional product that your customers can use again and again will help you achieve this goal.
  • How to Start a Plastic Bag Ban in Your Hometown

    Identify why you want to start a plastic bag ban and build your campaign around it. Do you want to reduce litter? Save a local waterway? Keep animals and their habitats safe? There are lots of reasons to implement a ban, so you just need to determine what the reason is for your hometown. When you understand the “why” behind the ban, you can create a campaign and explain to everyone from residents and neighbors to businesses and politicians why a ban is a good fit.
  • What’s The Difference Between Factory Direct and Wholesale?

    The differences between factory direct and wholesale can be confusing, and when you are shopping around for a promotional product to represent your brand and help spread the word about your company, trying to decipher the differences can seem like one more issue you have to work through.
  • Start a Bag Ban in Your Community and Start a Positive Eco-Chain Reaction

    The small and simple gesture of banning plastic bags can set off a chain of events that can greatly and positively change life in your community and beyond. Here are five ways banning plastic bags in your hometown can change life as you know it for the better.
  • 3 Ways a Custom Bag Benefits Your Bottom Line

    There are a lot of advantages to marketing your brand with customized reusable bags. The primary advantage most people think of is the environmental impact as reusable bags do away with, or at least greatly reduce, the need for single-use bags. Single-use plastic bags can cause a lot of harm since they are seldom recycled and do not safely breakdown, pollute our environment and cause harm to wildlife.
  • Give Your Customers Something to Remember You By

    Print your logo on reusable paper bags to hand out to your customers when they make a purchase at your store or to carry leftovers home from your restaurant. These durable bags will come in handy and put your logo and business information on display as your customers carry your bag. Think about offering a discount to customers who bring your custom branded reusable paper bag back the next time they visit your store to carry items home – you can print these instructions on the bag to encourage repeat business and repeat use of these eco bags.
  • Why Do Single Use Plastic Bag Bans Fail?

    Single use plastic bag bans make so much sense from an environmental perspective since they reduce use of fossil fuels, reduce the eyesore that is litter, and protect animals and their habitats from stray plastic bags and their pieces that can easily be mistaken for food or entangle an animal, ending its life. Large chains and small local retailers also spend a substantial amount of money of these disposable nuisances, so implementing a ban saves retailers money, and that cost savings should be reflected in their prices. Despite the best of intentions though, sometime
  • How to Implement a Single Use Plastic Bag Ban Where You Live

    Towns can have very different reasons for wanting to implement a plastic bag ban, but the path most towns take to ban bags is strikingly similar. If you are thinking about banning plastic bags in your hometown here are three steps to start the process. Getting a plastic bag ban started requires a lot of work, but the benefits definitely make all of the labor worth it.
  • How A Useful Design and Demographics Will Get Your Brand Noticed

    Reusable bags come in an almost countless variety of shapes and sizes and one popular design that is extremely functional and offers high visibility is the messenger bag. Based on the demographic your brand is trying to reach, a messenger bag can be an extremely suitable reusable bag that will clearly display your logo and branding message each and every time your customers use your customized bag.
  • How to Tell Your Brand’s Story without Saying a Word

    The promotional products you use to market your business, brand or organization say a lot about your company and the products or services you provide. These items will speak for your company, so make sure they say the right things and set the right tone for your business. The words and slogans you choose to print on your bags clearly make a statement, but the material the reusable bags are constructed from also tell a story. Stay true to your environmental goals and beliefs by creating promotional reusable bags made from biodegradable materials.

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