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  • What Makes for Greener Trade Shows? Innovation!

    Trade shows have come a long way in terms of being green, and while this is great, being innovative will allow you to make your next trade show or event even greener. In a recent post for TSNN our very own CMO, Shane Shirley, outlined some ways you can work some green into your next event. Some of these methods are a little out of the ordinary, but they will definitely make your trade show greener and hopefully inspire you to find some innovations of your own to lead you to a greener trade show.
  • Why Reusable Wine Totes are Great for More Than Just Wine!

    When most people hear the term reusable bags they think of grocery bags, which is fine and makes sense given how popular reusable shopping bags have become as of late, but there are so many different styles of reusable bags to choose from. While a specialized bag has an intended purpose – there is no reason such a bag can't be used for so many other things. We’d like to shine a light on our reusable wine totes to help illustrate that while these bags are great for wine bottles they are capable of so much more.
  • How to Bring Green Technology Into Your Trade Show Booth

    As you plan for your next trade show, why not look for ways to work green technology into your booth? Greener technology will help get people engaged and excited about your booth and it is also a great way to go green and help the environment at the same time. I recently wrote an article on green technology for trade shows on the Trade Show News Network Thought Leader Blog (TSNN), about doing just that and I wanted to give a recap below.
  • 5 Reasons Marketing Makes Sense with Eco-Friendly Custom Reusable Bags

    There are so many reasons that just make sense when it comes to deciding to market your brand with custom reusable bags. From the impact on the planet, to the impact on your bottom line, custom reusable bags are a great marketing tool. Especially in today'a world as more and more laws that ban or levy fees on single-use plastic bags are passed - SEE THE MAP OF BAG BANS HERE - custom reusable bags are a really smart way to promote your brand even in areas without legislation around single-use plastic bags.
  • Want to Showcase Your Passion About Your Business?

    Are you passionate about your business? What drives you each day? What keeps you moving forward through all of the fires you have to put out and through all of the hours spent at the office? We want to know because we think you need to share that passion with your clients and prospects in an eco-friendly way and we can help.
  • How to Buy Reusable Bags at Wholesale Pricing

    Whether you’re looking for items to sell, to hand out at a tradeshow, or as corporate gifts there is a lot to know when purchasing reusable bags at wholesale pricing. Let us break everything down for you.
  • Why Going Green at Your Next Tradeshow Matters

    Tradeshows are a great opportunity to showcase your products and connect with your customers, but tradeshows also generate a ton of waste each year. Actually they generate 600,000 tons of trash each year courtesy of the 60 million people who attend during a normal year...
  • How to Use Eco Tactics to Increase Brand Recognition at Trade Shows and Beyond

    Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet and get to know your clients and vendors and forge a rapport with prospective contacts. Once you make contact with people at a trade show you need to lay the ground work to keep the relationship moving forward, and custom eco-friendly reusable products are a great way to increase brand recognition at a trade show and long after the event is over. In case you missed it, our very own Shane recently wrote a post for TSNN about how to utilize eco tactics to increase brand recognition with trade show giveaways.
  • How to Create the Perfect Marketing Piece for Your Brand

    Deciding which methods and products to use to market your brand is a big decision. There are so many options available and things to consider, from price and return on investment to environmental impact and effectiveness at establishing and maintaining brand recognition. A customized reusable bag will tick a lot of the boxes on your marketing product must have list, and at Factory Direct Promos we can help you navigate the process and deliver quality, well-made reusable bags that your customers will love and use for years to come to promote your brand.
  • How to Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue for Your Next Trade Show

    Every aspect of a tradeshow contributes to the overall sustainability of the event so it’s important to think about the eco qualities of the venue when planning an event. It’s easy to identify eco traits in materials and allocation of resources, but choosing an eco-friendly venue for a trade show may seem like a tricky task at first. Here are a few areas to consider to help you determine the degree of eco-friendliness a venue possesses.

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