• 3 Ways to Stand Out at Tradeshows, Events and Beyond

    Tradeshows are hectic. Typically there are a lot of attendees and a lot of booths to visit with tons of new products and offerings to check out. So the questions becomes, how does your brand catch the attention of prospects?
  • Why Choose FDP for Your Reusable Bags?

    There are a lot of companies out there who make reusable bags – what really sets Factory Direct Promos apart is the level of customization we offer and our stellar customer service staff. Our staff is trained to help turn your vision into a marketing reality, all while offering top-notch quality, amazing prices a quick turnaround, so you can start getting your bags in your customer’s hand right away.
  • Product Placement with a Green Twist

    A lot of careful consideration is given to the props that turn up in TV shows and movies. From coffee cups to couches and eyeglasses to cleaning products, the items that are used to dress sets and appear as props are not only key to the plot, but they also reflect social trends and lend credibility and depth to the characters and the production. Green Product Placement, the brainchild of Beth Bell, is working to place green and sustainable products in order to raise social awareness while also promoting the products and brands.
  • Lean Economic Times Require a Stepped Up Marketing Plan

    Over the last several years, as a result of the economy, many businesses have taken a serious look at their bottom line and scrutinized how every penny is spent. Ultimately, this is for the best and there is definitely more of an appreciation for how money is spent and how much of a return is brought in. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to dramatically increase your brand recognition and increase your brand loyalty, you should be marketing your company, product line or brand with customized, reusable promotional products, like reusable bags, from Factory Direct Promos.
  • 3 Ways FDP Can Help Your City Council, Town or Municipality Implement a Bag Ban

    Getting a plastic bag can off the ground can be a daunting task that requires a lot of planning and organization. A main component is getting the word out to the community – when people know and understand what and why something is happening they are more likely to throw their support behind it and actively participate. A great way to get the community engaged is to work with local retailers to help them create their very own custom designed reusable shopping bags. These bags can be sold in their stores, or handed out to help spread the word of the disposable bag ban. We here at Factory Direct Promos can help you in your mission!
  • 3 Ways Our New Site Design Helps You Build a Better Brand

    We recently launched a brand new design of our web site and while we’re very excited to share this new look with you, we are more excited about how well the new web site flows and the ease with which you can use the features. Your time is valuable, and the new design is streamlined and functional, so you can zero-in on what you’re looking for and get the information you need quickly.
  • How to Make a Custom Reusable Bag Work for Your Brand, Business or Organization

    Give the People What They Want

    When you make the decision to market your brand with a reusable bag take the time to think about who your customers are and how they will use the bag. If your target demographic tends to work in an office, setting a custom messenger bag is a good and useful option, but if your products or services appeal to a younger crowd consider offering a drawstring bag. We also offer insulated bags and bags designed to safely transport wine or liquor bottles, depending on your customer’s needs. You can also customize the look and design of the bag to make it stylish and functional. Add pockets to increase the storage and organizational potential and add a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. By creating a bag that fills a need and is comfortable to carry your customers will be sure to reach for your reusable bag and give it plenty of use.

    Align Your Reusable Bag with Your Green Values

    Simply by the nature of being reusable, our bags will fit in with your green mission, but take things a step further and use eco materials like cotton, jute, bamboo, or RPET which is a durable cloth made from recycled plastic bottles. By utilizing RPET, you are giving new life to the single use bottles and closing the recycling loop. Environmentally friendly promotional products spread your branding message without having a negative impact on the environment, allowing you to spread the good word about your company while also making it clear that your brand is environmentally aware and practices sustainability.

    Increase Your Brand Recognition

    Your customers are sure to reach for your custom reusable bag on a regular basis either to tote items to work or the gym or as a grocery bag – this is good news when it comes to increasing the visibility of your brand. Your customers will become familiar with your logo and branding information every time they carry your bag but additionally, everyone your customers encounter will also be exposed to your branding message and it will become common and familiar to them, as well.

    Reusable bags are a great marketing tool because your customers will have a handy bag they can use and reuse while also spreading your branding message. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from, but you can also customize any of the styles we offer to make the bag fit your brand and your customer’s needs, or you can start from scratch and design a truly unique bag that showcases your branding info while being a useful and functional bag for your customers.

    What are you waiting for?  Contact us today via email or call us toll free at 866.222.0949 for a free design consult to get started creating your one of a kind, reusable bag to work for you.


  • Heading to a Tradeshow? Here Is How to Maximize Your Marketing Impact with a Customized Reusable Bag

    Tradeshows are a great opportunity to talk to your clients and vendors and further establish your existing connections while forging new bonds. Giving the people who visit your booth a takeaway will ensure your clients and prospects have something to remember you by and will further establish your brand recognition while also serving as a mobile marketing tool that will reach a wider audience. When selecting a reusable bag design, think about how your customers will use the bag and what style will best function for them.
  • Do Single Use Plastic Bags get a Bad Rap?

    Click image to see a larger version or to grab the code to share on your website or blog
    Switch to Reusable Bags
    Tired of Slander? via Factory Direct Promos - Reusable Bags

    Why One Time Use Equals Long-Term Damage

    Given how short of a time plastic bags are used – from the moment they are loaded with groceries until they get brought home and unpacked – the impact they can have on the environment is so much more lasting.

    Plastic bags can cause so much damage from simply being an eyesore that floats around neighborhoods and cityscapes, to being a nuisance that can damage animal’s habitats and jeopardize their health and well being. Cleaning up plastic bag litter takes time and money – resources that seem to always be in short supply, and the ramifications of not cleaning up disposable bag litter can cause even more serious and expensive problems. When discarded plastic bags clog canals and drainage systems flooding can result or flood waters caused by storms and inclement will not subside if the system in place to drain the excess water is compromised.

    Plastic bags are photodegradable - that is they break apart into smaller pieces after long periods of exposure to light, primarily sunlight. The bags will continue to break apart into smaller and smaller pieces that eventually permeate into soil and water. These small particles can easily be consumed by animals who may not even realize what they’re eating since the pieces are so tiny, but regardless they are introduced into the food chain. It is not known what kind of long-term impact these plastic particles will have on the food chain since this phenomenon is so new and it can take generations to identify, let alone really study, the bearings.

    Reusable Bags to the Rescue

    Despite their shortcomings, disposable plastic bags serve a function: to carry items home from the store. The good news for our planet is that plastic bags are not the only means to achieve this goal. Our reusable grocery bags are an environmentally friendly way to get your purchase from the store to your home without the ill effects brought on by plastic bags, such as litter, damage to ecosystems and potential harm on the food chain. Stop the endless abuse plastic bags cause, and if you haven’t already, make the switch to reusable shopping bags today.

    For more environmental giggles, check out Joe Mohr's Cartoon Archives at .

  • 2013 Custom Bag Catalog Available Now!

    Factory Direct Promos 2013 Custom Bag catalog is here and it is full of great ideas to help you design a completely customized one-of-a-kind bag that your customers will be excited to get their hands on. FDP sells millions of custom reusable and recycled bags each year, so we have the experience and expertise to help you select the size, shape, materials and style that will best fit your brand and your customer’s needs.

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