• Create a Memorable, Custom Reusable Bag...Not Just Your Everyday Tradeshow Bag

    Help Keep the Memory and Message of Your Event Alive and in the Hands of Attendees for Years Tradeshows are big events and are easily a major marketing opportunity. The tried and true reusable shopping bag style is always a winner, but don’t be afraid to think beyond that style and create a completely custom and unique bag that will have your customers and vendors lining up to get their hands on one.
  • How Sustainable Tradeshow Sponsorships and Well Placed Eco-Branding Can Yield Big Results

    Making the decision to lead an eco-friendly existence can be daunting, as well as incredibly rewarding. It’s important to remember that being eco-friendly is a constantly evolving process be it at home or at work. As products and services change, there will always be new ways to incorporate green practices into your business, or newer, greener updates to existing methods and techniques.
  • Share This if Your City Has Yet to Get a Pin on the Bag Ban Map!

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, please support the movement and view our bag ban map. This is a great interactive tool that pinpoints cities, counties and even countries that have bans or fees on the books for disposable shopping bags.
  • Massachusetts Closing in on California for Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Law

    The State of California has been hard at work for many years trying to be the first state to ban the use of disposable plastic shopping bags, but Massachusetts is pondering a proposal that could allow them to beat California to the finish line.
  • How to Care for and Clean Your Reusable Bags

    Switching to reusable bags is a great way to conserve natural resources, protect the environment and promote your business, but there is some maintenance tied to reusable shopping bags. With simple steps and easy care you can keep your reusable bags clean and your family healthy. Developing good practices now will help establish habits that will become second nature. Here are some tips for caring for your bags.
  • Florida Bill Could Ban Single Use Plastic Bags and Charge Fee for Paper

    Will Florida protect it's environment with a bag ban? The State of Florida is on the verge of some big and exciting, eco- changes if a proposed bag ban bill by Democratic Senator Dwight Bullard takes effect.
  • 5 Ways to Get Event Sponsors for Your Trade Show

    Attracting sponsors for your trade show can be tricky business - especially in this economy. You need to find a balance between meeting your needs and giving the sponsors the visibility they need to help raise awareness of their brand.
  • Bloom Into Spring and Summer with Your Brand’s Marketing

    Shape your eco-friendly custom message in 100% recycled seeded paper, sustainably packaged in corn-based bags with custom-printed headers.


    Grow Your Brand as You Welcome Warmer Weather

    As the weather turns warmer, people naturally start to think about spring flowers and summer gardens. To match your marketing efforts to the season and stand out in your prospect’s minds, consider printing your next marketing flyer or mailer on seed paper, so you can market your brand while you also spread flowers and greenery. Seed paper is an eco-way to get your brand’s message out while creating a lasting impression.

    How it Works

    Seed paper is thick and luxurious and is embedded with seeds. The seeds are carefully selected to ensure a high germination rate, so most of the seeds will sprout under the right conditions. To plant the seed paper, you simply cover it with a thin layer of soil in a flowerpot or outside, depending on how warm it is, and water.  As the paper breaks down, it naturally composts and fertilizes the seeds, giving way to beautiful flowers or fresh vegetable plants. Since the paper comes in a large variety of colors you can select a shade that matches your corporate colors for a cohesive look. You can also pick from entire sheets of paper or die cut shapes for a customized piece that fits your branding.

    Perfect Timing

    Spring and summer is a time when people’s thoughts turn to the environment and a perfectly timed marketing brochure or informative promotional piece printed on seed paper is a great way to spread the good word about your brand, while also tying in with the message of going green. Show your customers that your brand truly is green with seed paper. Think about printing action items on the paper to educate your clients about simple things they can do to help the green cause or explain other things your company does to live up to your environmental standards.

    Tradeshow Bouquet

    Our seed paper really grows! Independent lab testing shows that our seed paper has the highest germination rates in it's category. This means MORE flowers will grow! Made from 100% post industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all natural, vegetable based earth friendly inks.


    Typically at a tradeshow, there is a lot of information you need to get across to your clients and prospective clients but there are a couple factors working against you - time and competition. The folks who visit your booth are pressed for time as they try to stop by other booths, and every time they stop walking there is someone trying to give them information about their product or brand. The solution is to give people a lot of info quickly and in a memorable way.

    Seed paper can be the perfect vehicle since the novelty of it will most likely make it stick in people’s memories and they will be more likely to pick it up and read it later, after the tradeshow is over. Just make sure to include a web address, so folks know how to reach you and continue to learn more about your brand after they plant the paper.

    The Only Limit to Marketing with Seed Paper is Your Imagination

    The versatility of seed paper makes it a great way to disseminate information and stand out from the crowd. There are countless ways to market with seed paper and our design team can help you craft just the right combination of seed paper and your brand's messaging to create a piece to stand out in your prospect's and client's minds. By creating a memorable marketing item from seed paper, people are more apt to recollect you and your brand while the plants that grow from the paper will also leave a lasting impression and help the planet.

  • How to Build Your Business as You Help the Planet

    Improve Recycling Rates and Your Business at the Same Time

    Americans have made great strides in terms of recycling. More people recycle more items today than in years past and this is a huge accomplishment, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.  In 2010 Americans generated 31 million tons of plastic waste and at the same time only 8 percent of the total plastic waste generated was recovered for recycling.

    Interpreting numbers can be tricky, and initially these numbers do not look like a success story, but given how long plastic recycling has been available and how quickly it has infiltrated the lives of most Americans, these numbers are a success story. And there is still a lot left to this story.

    Clean Up Your Neighborhood and Help Manage the Waste Stream

    A lot of businesses organize cleanup efforts for Earth Day (which is just around the corner on April 22, 2013), and this is a great way to not just clean up an area, but also to make sure items are properly disposed of whether that means recycling, sending to the landfill or donating to a worthy cause if there is still some life left to them.

    But you don’t need to wait once a year for Earth Day to organize a cleanup. Think about planning something a couple times throughout the year. Try to plan cleanup efforts on a common day off, like a Saturday, and ask your employees to bring their families. You can pick up some pizza or throw together a picnic for everyone to enjoy when they’re done to make a day of it. You can beautify a local park or neighborhood while also building a strong team in the process. If you work in a building with other businesses, consider inviting your work neighbors to pitch in and help cleanup an area.

    Make It Easy to Recycle at Work

    If it is easy for folks to recycle, they are more apt to do so. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have bins in your office to collect waste paper for recycling. You want to place these bins in popular areas at work like near printers and desks but also include bins for recyclables in your kitchen area as well.

    The key is to make sure the bins are clearly labeled, so people know which bin to toss their empty yogurt container and where to deposit the glass bottle their ice tea came in. It also helps to select bins that are different colors, so people can easily tell them apart. Post signs reminding people to rinse out containers that packaged food, and it won’t hurt to remind your staff about recycling every so often either through an email blast or just a quick comment at a company-wide meeting.
    Earth Day Girls

    Think Beyond the Office for Recycling Efforts

    Make sure to think beyond the office and kitchen when it comes to your recycling efforts. Does your line of work require you to deal with any chemicals like cleaning solvents? If so, how do you dispose of them? Or do you generate leftover materials or debris? If the materials are hazardous do your homework and make sure they are disposed of in a safe manner that meets all federal and state regulations; however, if the materials are safe to handle check to see if there are any individuals or groups that have a need for them. Are there any school groups that could use the materials or any local artists that can take the materials off your hands? A lot of times people are willing to come pick up the leftover items and take them off your hands if the material is free.  We have even heard of used tradeshow booths being given to another business that can use it. Be creative!

    If re-using or re-purposing isn’t an option and you’re dealing with something you can’t just toss in the bins, contact a recycling company and look for alternative methods. This may take more work and organizing on your end, but it can help minimize the waste stream and help your company meet your environmental goals.

    Promote Your Brand with Recycled Materials

    Utilizing products made from recycled materials keeps unnecessary trash out of landfills, and puts that material to good use. Just because a product has outlived its usefulness does not mean the material has nothing left to give. Another perk of recycled materials is that they can typically be recycled again when the time comes.

    Our trendy totes are made from RPET which is a material made from recycled plastic bottles. The recycled plastic construction means less plastic ends up in the waste stream or as litter, and the material also makes it great for use as a reusable grocery bag since it contains small spills or condensation that may form on frozen items. Since the bag is made from recycled material it is a great tie in with your green initiatives.

    While your customers are sure to get many years of use out of the bag (we anticipate 3-5 years of use from our reusable bags depending on how frequently the bag is used) there will come a time when the bag wears out. When that happens your customers can recycle the bag and the process can start all over as the material is transformed into something new and useful.

    With a Team Effort Your Business Can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Their Way to Green

    You want your business to succeed, but you also want to make sure your business does not damage the planet in the process.  Work through these suggestions or sit down and create list of your own ideas to help manage the waste stream by better handling recyclable materials. Ask your staff for ideas to help include everyone and make it a team effort. With some careful planning you can get your business on a path toward a greener future.

    Sources: EPA, FDP

    Photo Sources: Golden Paints, Earth 911

  • 5 Marketing Tips That Work to Reach and Influence Moms

    It’s the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world right? And when it comes to marketing to the biggest group of decision makers in the home, there are some tips that can help you reach this influential segment.

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