Plastic Bag Bans


  • California Single Use Bag Ban Fails to Pass

    By just three votes, the California State Senate failed to pass the minimum threshold to move Bill 405 out of the Senate. The bill would have banned disposable plastic shopping bags beginning in 2015, while also imposing a fee on paper bags.
  • Hong Kong Poised to Expand Law Regulating Single Use Plastic Bags

    In July of 2009 the Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags was passed in Hong Kong. This law prohibited large and chain supermarkets, convenience stores, personal health and beauty stores and supermarkets inside department stores from handing out free plastic shopping bags – disposable plastic bags can only be distributed for a fee.
  • California on the Verge of Banning Single Use Plastic Bags

    Ban Would Eliminate Plastic Bags in California Grocery Stores A proposed bill by state California Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) aims to ban disposable plastic shopping bags in grocery stores and pharmacies starting January 1, 2015. Shoppers would be encouraged to bring their own reusable grocery bags or pay a fee, probably about 10 cents per paper bag used. The proposal would extend to convenience and liquor stores starting on January 1, 2016.
  • Rhode Island Considering Statewide Single Use Plastic Bag Ban

    Environmental Groups Looking to Emulate Barrington Last week we told you about the race between California and Massachusetts to be the first state to officially ban single use, plastic bags and this week we report on what could possibly become a new entry into the race – Rhode Island. Last October the Barrington Rhode Island Town Council voted to ban plastic bags in retail stores, farmer’s markets, flea markets and restaurants. The law went into effect in January 2013 and prohibits establishments impacted by the ban from handing out disposable plastic bags, as well as mandating that these businesses must provide paper or reusable bags for a fee. Shoppers can avoid paying the fee by bringing their own reusable grocery bags, or if making a small purchase opting to carry their items without a bag. As is to be expected there has been mixed feelings amongst the residents of Barrington regarding the ban, but overall people support the plastic bag ban and are adapting to it.
  • Share This if Your City Has Yet to Get a Pin on the Bag Ban Map!

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, please support the movement and view our bag ban map. This is a great interactive tool that pinpoints cities, counties and even countries that have bans or fees on the books for disposable shopping bags.
  • Massachusetts Closing in on California for Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Law

    The State of California has been hard at work for many years trying to be the first state to ban the use of disposable plastic shopping bags, but Massachusetts is pondering a proposal that could allow them to beat California to the finish line.
  • Florida Bill Could Ban Single Use Plastic Bags and Charge Fee for Paper

    Will Florida protect it's environment with a bag ban? The State of Florida is on the verge of some big and exciting, eco- changes if a proposed bag ban bill by Democratic Senator Dwight Bullard takes effect.
  • Will California Become the First State to Officially Ban Single Use Plastic Bags?

    There has been a growing movement in California working to ban disposable plastic shopping bags and go reusable for many years now, and while there have been plenty of smaller scale victories, with a total of 62 jurisdictions successfully passed bag bans, California is now on the verge of banning plastic bags at a state level. This is an exciting time for our entire nation - as this statewide ban will start a new chapter in not only the state of California’s quest to eliminate the damaging impact plastic bags have on our environment, but it will propel the rest of the United States toward statewide bag bans as well.
  • How to Start A Bag Ban: What You Need to Know About Starting a Bag Ban in Your City

    Plastic bag bans take a lot of work and planning to become a reality. It can seem like a daunting task at times, but with careful planning, research and dedication you can start a movement and get a single use plastic bag ban on the books in your hometown. Look how many towns all over the world have succeeded in implementing a single use bag ban and if they can do it, you can too!
  • Retailers, Why Wait for a Bag Ban to Come to You!

    Why Your Brand Should Be Proactive and Get Started Today Designing Your Reusable, Eco-Friendly Bag

    Plastic bag bans are becoming more and more common and for each successfully implemented single use bag ban, there are even more proposed bans in the works. One of the biggest changes for shoppers after a plastic bag ban is put into place is adjusting to reusable shopping bags – mainly, getting reusable bags and remembering to bring them when they shop. Creating a custom reusable bag is a great way for you to help residents go green before a bag ban is implemented or to adjust to an impending plastic bag ban all the while, effectively marketing your brand.

    Plastic Bag Misconceptions – Disposable Bags Are NOT Free

    Many, but not all consumers understand that the expense of single use, disposable bags is factored into the prices shoppers pay at the checkout. So while the disposable bags used at the register do not appear as a line item on the receipt, they are not a freebie. Still, there are some consumers who find it difficult to make the switch to purchasing reusable shopping bags because they think disposable shopping bags are “free”.  A great way to help folks adjust to a bag ban and get your brand some increased visibility is to create customized, reusable grocery bags that you can sell or give away in areas with a ban.

    If you decide to give the bags away, shoppers will be excited at the idea of getting a free bag, and when they carry your custom designed bag they will advertise your company all over town and beyond.  If you sell your custom bags, make sure they are fashionable and sturdy so your consumers will be excited to buy and carry them.

    Benefit from Mobile Billboards

    Reusable grocery bags are a great marketing tool since they offer tons of visibility and increase your brand recognition. You do not need to wait for a plastic bag ban to start marketing your brand. Not only can you start promoting sustainability by designing your very own reusable bags today, but you can also start getting your clientele on the fast track to developing the habit of toting your custom designed reusable bags with them when they go to the store.

    Educate People About How to Use Reusable Bags

    If you plan to introduce custom reusable bags to a group that is new to a plastic bag ban or new to using reusable bags, make sure to educate people about how to use them. Direct folks to your website or blog where you can list tips or have your staff chat people up when they distribute the reusable bags.

    Shoppers should designate their reusable bags for specific tasks, so bags used for groceries should not be used for anything else (and vice versa). Also make sure to educate your customers about how to clean the bags. It is also handy to include tips and tricks for remembering to grab the bags when they make their way to the store. For instance, they can leave the bags in their car, or by the front door, or they can make a note on their shopping list to remind them.

    Be an Eco-Friendly Leader in Your Community

    Reusable shopping bags are a great marketing tool that can do wonders for your brand recognition. Disposable bag bans create a need for reusable shopping bags, so creating a customized bag will fill that need while also helping people impacted by a ban, as well as helping people in an area with a proposed ban develop helpful habits if the ban is passed.  But why not be proactive and before a bag ban comes to your town, let us help you customize a bag to showcase your brand and grab the attention of everyone who sees it.


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