Plastic Bag Bans


  • Latest News on European Union Bag Ban

    In a highly followed and much anticipated move the European Union released the details of a plan that would give member countries the power to tax or even ban single use plastic bags. Several member countries, like Denmark, Germany and Italy have measures in place and this new initiative would make it easier for member countries without such laws to reduce or completely eliminate the consumption of disposable plastic bags without negatively impacting trade with fellow member countries.
  • An Eco-Friendly Funny...Bag Bans and Man's Best Friend

    In all seriousness, the only environmentally responsible manner to dispose of single use plastic bags is recycling, and the bags need to be empty when recycled. Single use plastic bags are not biodegradable and they will not safely break down – they will essentially clog the landfill and cause the heap to grow larger. When disposable plastic bags are filled with trash and waste and thrown in a landfill, the plastic will even prevent biodegradable items within the bag from breaking down by cutting off exposure to the elements - so folks that bag of dog poop is there to stay. That's not cool. You know your pooch wants to be green too!
  • Latest News on Bag Bans Around the World

    There has been a lot of back and forth in Europe as individual countries have contemplated, and in some instances, passed single use bag bans or fees intended to encourage shoppers to use reusable shopping bags. The European Union joined the fray and has teetered between indicating such bans were be illegal when passed at the country level, while also indicating an interest in banning disposable plastic bags.
  • How Do Single Use Plastic Bags Harm the Environment?

    There is certainly a convenience factor to disposable plastic bags, but these flimsy bags are also responsible for a lot of environmental harm, partly because the lightweight construction that makes them easy to carry also allows these bags to function like a sail and be carried off by the wind. When single use plastic bags are deposited in the trash or put in a recycling bin a strong gust of wind can carry them away. Ultimately, any ease disposable plastic bags offer is quickly overshadowed by the environmental harm they cause.
  • Why Should the United States Ban Single Use Plastic Bags?

    Cities and counties throughout the United States are banning disposable plastic bags or taking measures to reduce use of these single use bags. The objective is typically the same: reduce the negative impacts caused by single use plastic bags. Disposable plastic bags are the culprit behind a whole slew of environmental problems from destruction of animal’s habitats to the deterioration of the food chain and marring the natural beauty of the outdoors and resolution to these problems can require a hefty expense.
  • England Leaves United States in the Dust with Bag Fee

    Last week we told you about how the EU is considering a bag ban and now comes word that England passed a law that will levy a fee (roughly 8 cents USD) on all disposable plastic bags given out at stores. This fee is slated to go into action in the fall of 2015 and all of the money raised by the fee will go towards charities working on environmental damage cleanup.
  • European Union (EU) Disposable Bag Ban to Green Europe

    The European Union (EU), an economic and political union of 28 countries located mostly in Europe, has been seriously contemplating whether to ban disposable plastic bags. Several countries that belong to the EU have already passed outright bans or implanted fees on single use bags (check out the bans at, but currently there is no law at the EU level. This issue has been researched and discussed, but the vote has been pushed back on numerous occasions leaving many wondering if a decision will ever be made.
  • A Tale of 3 Cities and Their Plastic Bag Bans

    It seems like just about every day there is another city or county contemplating reducing the use of disposable shopping bags through one measure or another. It is really exciting to see the different approaches and methods supporters take and it is even more exciting when all of the hard work pays off and plastic bag bans are implemented. However, everything doesn’t always go according to plan. Here is a rundown of three cities trying to find a way to make things work.
  • How Fracking Means Good Business for Plastic Bag Manufacturers

    Unfortunately, plastic production is a big business. With several states passing laws allowing hydrofracking, and other states considering allowing this practice, the door is wide open for more raw materials to create more environmentally harmful, disposable plastic bags. When natural gas is pulled from underground shale deposits, it can be processed into polyethylene which can then be used to create a variety of plastics - including single use plastic bags.
  • Latest News on Plastic Threat to Humans and Environment

    Plastic garbage in our oceans has been a known problem for many years, and a recent study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Superior researchers found plastic particles in the Great Lakes for the second year in a row. Plastic debris had previously been discovered in Lakes Superior, Huron and Erie and this recent research uncovered plastic in Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. "The accumulation of plastic particles is a great threat to our natural ecosystem and to the humans who use Lake Superior for our drinking water supply," said Mary Balcer, director of the Lake Superior Research Institute at UW-Superior.

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