• 3 Ways to Make Your Convention Bags Stand Out

    Conventions and trade shows are busy experiences. There is a lot of hustle and bustle and activity. Reusable convention bags make great takeaway that will leave a lasting impression, because they are incredibly useful during the convention and after the event is over. We’ve come up with three ways to make your convention bags stand out, and get your brand noticed at your next event.
  • Chicago Plastic Bag Ban Improves with Checkout Bag Tax

    Chicago has long worked toward finding a solution to the trash and litter generated by disposable bags. The Chicago plastic bag ban rolled out in phases starting on August 1, 2015. This measure banned thin plastic bags but there was a big problem with the Chicago bag ban.
  • California Bag Ban: Answering the 7 Most Common Questions

    We’ve all had the experience of carrying a bundle of plastic bags from the grocery store. Sometimes, you may even take a couple more bags just because they’re free and you can store them at home for another use. Plastic bags are used at stores across the U.S., but that’s slowly changing. A movement to ban plastic bags in select cities and towns has grown, and now the most populous state in the U.S. has voted to instate a statewide ban on plastic bags. In late 2016, California banned single-use plastic bags, with other states, such as Massachusetts and New York, considering their own similar actions. To acknowledge and highlight this growing trend, we put together a few of the most commonly asked questions (and answers) about the California bag ban:
  • Buy Eco-Friendly Bags at Factory Direct Pricing

    There has never been a better time to start marketing with custom, eco-friendly bags. Eco-friendly reusable bags bring a lot of value to your marketing budget and they are in high demand. Bag bans throughout the United States and a reusable design ensure your prospects, clients and customers will be using these bags for many years; so your branding message will be put on display for a long time.
  • Shop Top 3 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products at Factory Direct Pricing

    Finding the best promotional products for your business can be tricky, but we’re here to make this process easy. You want something that is effective at establishing and maintaining your brand’s awareness. You want something that delivers a great ROI. You want something that is eco-friendly and will live up to your company’s green standards. We’ve lined up three of our top eco-friendly promotional products that tick all of these boxes. Keep reading to learn more.
  • End of Year Blowout on Reusable Shopping Bags

    The laminated recycled material of our Tsunami reusable shopping bags make this deal too good to pass up for marketing and retail sales in 2017. You get the eco-friendly qualities of a recycled fabric AND the function of the laminated cloth. The lamination process gives the material extra durability and makes it water-resistant which is a great quality for a reusable shopping bag. Don’t Delay. Get Your Quote HERE Now and Order by December 30th to Get This Deal.
  • Marketing with Reusable Bags Matters - Here's Why

    We’ve gone over how marketing with reusable bags is good for your business. The reusable design means custom bags will be going to work for your brand day in and day out for several years to come. The ability to customize the look and design of your reusable bags means you can create something unique that speaks directly to your customers about your brand. You can build function into the bags by adding pockets or zippers, or adjusting the handles, making the bag comfortable to carry. The more useful a reusable bag is the more likely your customers will be to use it, so you will definitely see a return on your investment when you take the time to create a reusable bag that is functional. The marketing benefits of promoting your brand with reusable bags are pretty compelling, but if you still aren’t convinced this is the marketing tool for your brand consider the environmental impact.
  • Reusable Wine Totes Deliver More Than Just Wine

    Reusable wine totes are definitely handy when it comes to safely and easily carrying bottles of wine, but they deliver more than just wine; they deliver your branding message into the hands of consumers long after the wine is gone, leaving people wanting more.
  • What is the Difference Between Woven and Non Woven Polypropylene Bags?

    We recently received the following comment in a quote request, "I'm not sure I really understand the difference between woven and non woven polypropylene bags and which to choose." We thought some of you might be wondering the same thing. You can take a look at this page for the information you need to answer this question. Or to make it simple, keep reading and I’ll tell you the difference between woven and non woven polypropylene bags to clear things up..
  • Reusable Shopping Bags, Will Walmart Lead the Way for Consumers?

    Reusable shopping bags are gaining in popularity with everyone from consumers to marketing execs. This uptick in the use of reusable shopping bags is largely due to laws regulating disposable plastic bags like the new California bag ban. All of the problems caused by single-use plastic bags are well documented. From using non renewable resources like natural gas and oil, to the likelihood of single-use plastic bags ending up as litter entering our food chain or sitting in a landfill forever, we must stop their use. The resulting environmental issues make it no secret that disposable plastic bags are bad news. Typically, when bag bans or fees come about it is from a concern for the environment. The logic is by eliminating single-use plastic bags, the negative ramifications will a

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