• 8 Ways to Empower Employees to Work Greener

    When a company wants to make greener socially, and environmentally responsible decisions, it really takes a team effort to implement these initiatives and continue to move forward and find new ways to improve sustainability. It is a great help to have all levels of your staff on board with your company’s green goals and processes. Here are eight ways you can empower and engage your staff to do just that.
  • 3 Tips for Greener Travel

    When you’re in your day-to-day routine you can easily keep up with your green practices, but there is no reason to let travel upset your green routine. When you travel, you can stick to your green practices and make sustainable choices whenever possible. Here are a few tips for green traveling that will help the planet and allow you to relax knowing that you’ve done your part.
  • Latest News on Plastic Threat to Humans and Environment

    Plastic garbage in our oceans has been a known problem for many years, and a recent study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Superior researchers found plastic particles in the Great Lakes for the second year in a row. Plastic debris had previously been discovered in Lakes Superior, Huron and Erie and this recent research uncovered plastic in Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. "The accumulation of plastic particles is a great threat to our natural ecosystem and to the humans who use Lake Superior for our drinking water supply," said Mary Balcer, director of the Lake Superior Research Institute at UW-Superior.
  • Guess How Much Money It Costs Your City to Clean Up Plastic?

    Litter needs to be cleaned up because it is just ugly to look at and it is a serious danger to animals both on land and in the water. Animals can eat the bags and die or they can become tangled in the bags and are left defenseless. Litter mars the natural beauty of our parks, beaches and homes and there is just no place for it. But just how much money does it cost anyway?
  • Thank You for All You Do! Now Tell Us How We Can Help You

    This Labor Day we got to thinking about how much our customers and online friends have helped us in the work we do each and every single day, and we wanted to say thanks. If it wasn't for all of you out there being just as engaged and passionate as we all are here at FDP about creating a healthier future for us all, we wouldn't be able to make such a difference. It is because you help us spread our message that businesses, consumers and municipalities all over the United States and beyond are getting the message that it is time to #GoReusableNow and ditch single use plastic bags.
  • 3 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Work

    We know our friends in our online community are looking for ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint at work so this week for Eco-Fact Friday, we are offering up three ideas to help you make a smaller footprint at work.
  • The Easy Thing We Can All Do to Protect Wildlife

    There are a lot of merits to using reusable shopping bags, from the streamlining of waste management to the use of more eco materials, but there are a lot of perks for members of the animal kingdom when humans decided to make the environmentally responsible decision to carry their purchases in reusable shopping bags.
  • What's in the News Wednesday - The Latest on Bag Bans in the United States

    Latest News on Bag Bans There are so many cities, counties and even countries that have implemented bans on single use plastic bags. To help track this movement we’ve put together an interactive map that highlights areas with bag bans, places where officials attempted to pass a ban with no luck and cities that have laws levying a fee on disposable shopping bags. If you haven’t had a chance - check it out! Here are some new locations that recently popped up on our map.
  • IDG Connect Features FDP Chief Marketing Officer Shane Shirley Smith

    Our very own Shane Shirley-Smith was recently interviewed by IDG Connect Marketers and showcased on their web site. We are thrilled to have Shane on our team – she brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, optimism and she’s just great and a lot of fun to be around. Shane has done a tremendous amount of work growing Factory Direct Promos and we’re confident that she will continue to help spread the green word about FDP and help promote the environmental causes we hold dear.
  • 5 Tips to a SOLD! Here’s How to Sell Your Event Sponsorships for Trade Show Bags

    Selling trade show bag sponsorships can seem daunting in this economy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five tips to use in marketing this prime sponsorship to have people lining up to take advantage of the promotional push reusable bags offer.

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