• 3 Easy Ways to Green Your Tradeshow Travel

    When planning for a tradeshow it is incredibly easy to be consumed by coordinating for the actual show itself. From signage, to takeaways, to training your staff and incorporating green materials into your booth there are a lot of elements that require your attention. One aspect that is easy to overlook, but can have a huge impact on the overall greenness of your event, is travel. I recently outlined three ways to travel green and increase the overall eco-friendliness of your next tradeshow in a post for TSNN , and I wanted to share.
  • Doing Business in California? Here's What You Need to Know About the Bag Ban

    The California state-wide disposable plastic bag ban, also known as SB 270, will certainly alter business in the state if the Governor, Jerry Brown signs it into law on September 30. The law aims to ban disposable plastic bags in supermarkets and drug stores starting on July 1, 2015 and will apply to smaller grocery stores and convenience stores beginning July 1, 2016. The law levies a 10-cent fee on paper and reusable bags. Clearly, the ban will impact grocery, drug and convenience stores since these establishments will have to comply with the ban, but the ramifications will extend far beyond the checkout line.
  • 3 Reusable Bags That Offer Great ROI from Your Corporate Holiday Gifting

    It’s not too early to start planning your corporate holiday gifting. Taking care of this now means that’s one less thing to coordinate later during the holiday rush which is already knocking at our door. Plus, the sooner in the season you can get your gift to your clients, vendors and other business associates, the sooner it will work double duty to market your brand and strengthen relationships with clients for years to come.
  • Eco-Special on Reusable Bags Makes Now the Best Time to Go Green with Your Marketing

    For a limited time you can score a great deal on our Custom Fast Track Bags. These reusable bags can be used to effectively market your brand as a takeaway for your next trade show, as corporate gifts, for use in retail sales, and so much more.
  • Here's Your Latest News on The California Statewide Bag Ban

    SB 270 has cleared several hurdles and is on the verge of becoming law. The proposed bill which last week seemed to be in jeopardy of not passing and is the handiwork of Senators Alex Padilla, Kevin de Leon and Ricardo Lara passed both houses and now all that remains for this disposable plastic bag ban to become official is a signature from the Governor, Jerry Brown which needs to happen by September 30.
  • Top 10 Corporate Social Responsibility Blogs

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is essentially a business model that features self-regulation. How individual businesses practice CSR can vary. Some businesses implement legal or ethical standards such as protocols established by third party organizations that regulate resources and/or processes. Other businesses put CSR into play by working to embrace social good and have a positive impact.
  • What Are the Top 10 Green Locations for Your Next Trade Show?

    There are so many things you do to make your trade show experience green, but a huge factor that will greatly influence the greenness of your trade show is the convention center that houses the event. I recently did some research on this topic and put together a list of the top 10 green locations for your next trade show. Read on to check out what I learned about these locations and what it is about them that makes them green.
  • Latest News on Bag Bans in the U.S.

    As usual there is a strong California presence in our latest news on bag bans in the U.S., but we an also report that there are other cities working to ban single-use plastic bags and reduce the harm caused by these environmental nuisances. Read on to get your update and learn more about the latest news on bag bans in the U.S.
  • Top 5 Greenest Cities to Work and Play

    Green cities manage to strike a balance between promoting sustainable and green practices while also offering the amenities that come with city living . There are no set criteria to being a green city, but typical traits are responsible management of resources and trash, preservation of green space and a focus on the health of the planet and its residents. We’ve done some research and compiled a list of the top 5 greenest cities to work and play.
  • Why Use Reusable Grocery Bags?

    To understand how reusable bags made from sustainable and recycled materials have a positive impact on the environment, you need to first understand how single-use plastic bags have a negative impact.

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