10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Corporate Event's Carbon Footprint

You don't have to be a Green company to put effort into lowering your event's carbon footprint; you just have to be a responsible one. With so many moving parts when putting together a corporate event, the event's CO² emissions may be last on the list. A little effort, goes a long way.  Here are 10 simple ways to green your corporate events.


1) Eco Information - Prior to the event, email guests providing information on public transportation and local eco-friendly hotels.

2) Location. Location. Location. - Choose a local that doesn't require long flights. Cutting down on travel is one of the best ways to minimize the carbon footprint of an event.

3) The Venues - Select venues with strong energy efficiency programs.

4) Go paperless - When providing company information, use e-brochures or provide documents on an Eco-friendly USB drive that doubles as a promo product for your company.

5) Serve Locally Grown Food - Less travel time means less emissions and fresh foods. Keep the menus low-carbon by serving less meat and more vegan options.

6) Avoid Disposable Plastics - Use reusable dinnerware or for more low key events, choose compostable plates, utensils, food containers & biodegradable trash bags.

7) Ditch Bottled Water - Use water from pitchers and biodegradable cups or provide reusable bottles with your company logo.
Eco Aluminum Water Bottles

8) Help Them Help You - Provide recycling bins & compost bins for guests to follow through on all your Eco efforts.

9) The Swag Bag - Provide Eco-friendly reusable bags with your company logo to hold gifts or giveaways.

10) Don’t invite so many people - Try to keep the invite list to a targeted audience that can benefit from the event and vice versa.


Do you have more ideas on how to green an event? Please comment & share!

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